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Get access to 40 Embroidery classes from world-renowned teachers with the VIP All Access Pass!

  • Anytime access to all 40 Embroidery classes from the Embroidery Summit 2022 plus 3 VIP-exclusive classes
  • 19x downloadable, print-at-home PDF patterns from the classes
  • Unlimited replays
  • Learn from expert speakers
  • Watch when suits you best

Class Schedule

MONDAY, June 13th
  1. Introduction to Machine Embroidery by Emily Thompson
  2. Beautiful Flowers Using Ribbon Embroidery by Agnes Bobak
  3. 7 Beginner-friendly Embroidery Stitches by Rebecca Oburotha
  4. Introduction To Embroidery Workshop by Elnaz Yazdani
  5. Flower Embroidery for Beginners by Anne Mende
  6. Dragonfly Embroidery – Perfect for Beginners/Intermediate by Katherine Savage
  7. Adding Dimension to Your Embroidery by Stephanie Kincade
  8. Hand Embroidery – Getting Started by Janet Felix
TUESDAY, June 14th
  1. Update Well-Loved Jeans With Visible Mending And Embroidery by Elise Chase-Sinclair
  2. Upcycle A Cardigan Using Embroidery by Victoria Martinez Azaro
  3. Embroidered Bracelets by Sarah White
  4. Embroidery On Paper 101 by Elise Benetreau
  5. Embroidering Letters With 5 Simple Stitches by Beatrice Gessa
  6. Crochet Embroidery Flower! by Dee Taylor
  7. COMING SOON by Sarah Forest
  8. Moon and Stars Embroidery Class by Elise Chase-Sinclair
WEDNESDAY, june 15th
  1. Satin Stitch Bee by Kirsty Freeman
  2. COMING SOON by Elise Chase-Sinclair
  3. French Knot Flowers by Caroline Madaher
  4. Bumblebee And Flowers Raised Embroidery Hoop by Annie Morris
  5. How To Create A Flower Using 3 Embroidery Stitches by Rebecca Oburotha
  6. Design Your Own Embroidery Stitches by Kirsty Freeman
THURSDAY, june 16th
  1. Visible Mending With Embroidery by Sarah White
  2. Creating Textures With Embroidery by Miriam Polak
  3. 3 Ways How To Finish & Frame Embroidery In A Hoop by Ana Santaniello
  4. Easy Pet Portraits From Beginning To End by Jennifer Nicolella
  5. Beyond The Basic Stitch; Some Variations On Chain Stitch by Stephanie Kincade
  6. Stitch This Bird In A Rose Garden Pattern by Catherine Young
  7. Revamp Your Wardrobe – Floral Vine Upcyling by Katherine Savage
FRIDAY, june 17th
  1. Sew And Embroider A Fancy Handbag With A 3D Flower Detail by Julia Griffey
  2. Bespoke Botanical Embroidery – Lilac by MyungSeong Morgun Lee
  3. Learning 5 Ways Of Transferring Embroidery Designs To Fabric by Ana Santaniello
  4. Custom Floral Embroidery Hoop by Christina Fleming
  5. Make A Slow Stitch Fabric Collage Using Scraps And Simple Embroidery by Tracey Campbell
  6. COMING SOON by Carole
VIP Bonus Classes
  1. COMING SOON by Sarah Forest
  2. Bespoke Botanical Embroidery – Mimosa by MyungSeong Morgun Lee
  3. COMING SOON by Elise Benetreau

This sewing summit was the best. I would get the all access so you can go back it you need a refresher or just want to watch again. Well worth the cost for sure. Veronica Marler