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Get access to 40 Embroidery classes from world-renowned teachers with the VIP All Access Pass!

  • Anytime access to all 40 Embroidery classes from the Embroidery Summit 2022 plus 3 VIP-exclusive classes
  • 19x downloadable, print-at-home PDF patterns from the classes
  • Unlimited replays
  • Learn from expert speakers
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Class Schedule

Day 1
MONDAY, June 13th
  1. Introduction to Machine Embroidery by Emily Thompson
  2. Beautiful Flowers Using Ribbon Embroidery by Agnes Bobak
  3. 7 Beginner-friendly Embroidery Stitches by Rebecca Oburotha
  4. Introduction To Embroidery Workshop by Elnaz Yazdani
  5. Flower Embroidery for Beginners by Anne Mende
  6. Dragonfly Embroidery – Perfect for Beginners/Intermediate by Katherine Savage
  7. Adding Dimension to Your Embroidery by Stephanie Kincade
  8. Hand Embroidery – Getting Started by Janet Felix
Day 2
TUESDAY, June 14th
  1. Update Well-Loved Jeans With Visible Mending And Embroidery by Elise Chase-Sinclair
  2. Upcycle A Cardigan Using Embroidery by Victoria Martinez Azaro
  3. Embroidered Bracelets by Sarah White
  4. Embroidery On Paper 101 by Elise Benetreau
  5. Embroidering Letters With 5 Simple Stitches by Beatrice Gessa
  6. Crochet Embroidery Flower! by Dee Taylor
  7. COMING SOON by Sarah Forest
  8. Moon and Stars Embroidery Class by Elise Chase-Sinclair
Day 3
WEDNESDAY, june 15th
  1. Satin Stitch Bee by Kirsty Freeman
  2. COMING SOON by Elise Chase-Sinclair
  3. French Knot Flowers by Caroline Madaher
  4. Bumblebee And Flowers Raised Embroidery Hoop by Annie Morris
  5. How To Create A Flower Using 3 Embroidery Stitches by Rebecca Oburotha
  6. Design Your Own Embroidery Stitches by Kirsty Freeman
Day 4
THURSDAY, june 16th
  1. Visible Mending With Embroidery by Sarah White
  2. Creating Textures With Embroidery by Miriam Polak
  3. 3 Ways How To Finish & Frame Embroidery In A Hoop by Ana Santaniello
  4. Easy Pet Portraits From Beginning To End by Jennifer Nicolella
  5. Beyond The Basic Stitch; Some Variations On Chain Stitch by Stephanie Kincade
  6. Stitch This Bird In A Rose Garden Pattern by Catherine Young
  7. Revamp Your Wardrobe – Floral Vine Upcyling by Katherine Savage
Day 5
FRIDAY, june 17th
  1. Sew And Embroider A Fancy Handbag With A 3D Flower Detail by Julia Griffey
  2. Bespoke Botanical Embroidery – Lilac by MyungSeong Morgun Lee
  3. Learning 5 Ways Of Transferring Embroidery Designs To Fabric by Ana Santaniello
  4. Custom Floral Embroidery Hoop by Christina Fleming
  5. Make A Slow Stitch Fabric Collage Using Scraps And Simple Embroidery by Tracey Campbell
  6. COMING SOON by Carole
VIP Bonus Classes
  1. COMING SOON by Sarah Forest
  2. Bespoke Botanical Embroidery – Mimosa by MyungSeong Morgun Lee
  3. COMING SOON by Elise Benetreau

This sewing summit was the best. I would get the all access so you can go back it you need a refresher or just want to watch again. Well worth the cost for sure. Veronica Marler