Thread Reel Wreath Tutorial

Thread Reel Wreath Tutorial

Thread Reel Wreath Tutorial

I’ve been holding onto my empty vintage wooden thread reels and tiny fabric scraps for a while now just waiting for the perfect upcycling project! After a few weeks of them just sitting in a pile in my office, and a few ideas from the RP team, I decided to make a Thread Reel Wreath!

When you love sewing as much as I do (and probably everyone reading this blog,) then you don’t mind having year-round festive sewing décor!

After deciding to create this happy sewing-themed wreath, I grabbed a few more supplies and started filming! If you love video tutorials, then you can learn all about how I made this Thread Reel Wreath from the handy video! If you prefer reading through tutorials (like me) then keep reading below for the entire process!

Supplies Needed:

  • Wreath form- I used a 14-inch wire form but you could use anything as long as it will support the weight of your thread reels. 
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Fabric scraps
  • Flexible measuring tape
  • Floral wire
  • Ribbon
  • Approximately 40-50 empty or mostly empty thread reels

*Optional jewelry pliers for wire wrapping, you could simply use your hands.

*Optional wire cutters, you could use scissors because the wire is thin.

Preparing the Thread Reels:

Making the wreath is a fairly simple process. Plug in your hot glue gun to let it warm up. Go through your pile of thread reels and determine which ones you would like to keep as is, add a strip of fabric to and which to leave empty or with remaining thread. If you are going for a color theme pattern then you may want to unwrap any leftover threads that don’t match your theme. If you are going for a colorful wreath, you may want to add colored strips of fabric to your empty reels to give them some added color.

Since my wreath is multicolored, I’m going to add fabric to empty reels and also keep as many reels with the original threads as I can. Cut a scrap of fabric roughly the size of the reel width and fold the ends in towards the inside to prevent fraying. Secure the fabric to the reel with the warmed hot glue gun. Set it aside for later.

Pick up the reels with original threads that you would like to keep. We need to secure these threads so that they do not slip off the reel while on the wreath. Put a small dot of hot glue on the loose end of the thread to prevent unraveling. Work through this pile of reels and set aside for later.

Wire Wrapping the Reels:

Grab your pile or box of ready-to-use thread reels. Pick up your wreath form and simply lay the reels on top of the wreath form to get a rough idea of where each reel will go and how it will fit together with other reels to form the primary part of the wreath.

When you have a general idea of how you’d like to layout the reels, you will need to cut off a piece of floral wire, insert it through the center of the reel and wrap the two wire ends around the metal wreath form securing the reel to the form. If you have thin pliers to slide into the wreath form and help you to navigate the wire wrapping, I recommend using them as they will greatly help you.

Finishing the Wreath:

Once you have wire wrapped every thread reel in place, examine the wreath. If the wreath still looks bare, fill in the gaps by wrapping a colorful ribbon around the wreath form.

Add finishing touches to the wreath by draping a flexible measuring tape around the wreath or adding a bow at the top. Attach a thick cord or ribbon to the back of the wire wreath frame to ensure that the weight of the wreath is being held by the cord or ribbon.

Since I used wooden thread reels, my wreath is a bit heavier than normal wreaths. This shouldn’t cause a problem for the wreath hanger I have on my door, but just keep this in mind if you decide to make a wreath with wooden thread reels also.

Display this wreath proudly in your sewing room, on your front door, or any place where it will receive the attention it deserves. Thanks for following this tutorial and for reading this blog! You might recognize me from Summits and the Round Zip Bags Sew Along and Zoe Zip Pouch Sew Along videos, but this is my first official blog for Rebecca Page! 

I’d love to see your Thread Reel Wreaths by sharing them in the Rebecca Page Sewing Group on Facebook or tagging #rebeccapage on Instagram! Until next time,

Shaina xoxo

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