The Best Dressed at the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding

I love love. So everything about the Royal Wedding this weekend put me on Cloud Nine, but the best part was the people and outfit watching (isn’t it always?).

Let me just say that that wedding dress was pure elegance; astounding in its simplicity. Meghan Markle is beautiful and she made a breathtaking bride, but, for me, the ultimate dress of the day was her Stella McCartney dress. Just wow. And it reminds me of my Emma, so there’s nothing but love from me.

Photo: Fashion Critical


Narrowing down my favourites wasn’t easy – so many guests looked absolutely incredible! These are my top four:

Best Dressed
Photos: Fashion Critical


  1. Amal Clooney should teach a class on how to wear yellow. That dress is stunning and so is she (her husband isn’t too bad himself)…
  2. Lady Kitty Spencer in the most perfect shade of green and that fascinator is beautiful!
  3. Priyanka Chopra in her lavender Vivienne Westwood suit, ticking all the right boxes. Classy and bang on trend in that colour.
  4. Troian Bellisario in her blush dress that just screams “hacked Brielle” to me is simply lovely! And inspiring me to get sewing.

Can you imagine being a guest? What would you have worn?

No matter how old we get, fairytales still have some power over us. The world has a new princess and lots of fashion and magical moments to talk about; a fairytale indeed!



One thought on “The Best Dressed at the Royal Wedding

  1. Patricia Karber says:

    There’s absolutely nobody in the US that matters to me. I don’t follow TV trends for sure. I love heirloom and smocking. For myself, I like to coordinate things. It’s summer with a vengeance in Arkansas USA and it’s a sticky, miserable heat. I’m currently working on draperies for a friends Bed and Breakfast and sewing in her large event room. If I go to the front where I lay out and measure and the air conditioning cycles on I get chilly quick. My latest thing to sew for myself are loose Kimono type jackets I can throw on. My daughter works for a large freight moving company and gets chilled as well. I made her a Kimono and made her a frilly pillow for her chair as well.

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