Thank a Baker

Thank a Baker

Thank a Baker

You don’t have to love baking to appreciate World Baking Day this year! If you’re not the baking type, but more of the sewing and eating type then you’ll want to check out my list of ways to ensure that the treats keep coming.

1. Make a Bib Apron

A wonderful way to thank the baker in your life is by making them a Bib Apron from the Bib Apron sewing pattern! They’ll be sure to love a handmade apron with tons of pockets and an optional hanging loop for hanging utensils or an oven mitt. You can even make a matching apron for the novice baker in the family, as the pattern comes in 10 different sizes.

Bib Apron Pattern
The brand-new apron pattern is a fun, functional, and fast sew for the whole family! Ten sizes, to fit a chest from 18.5 to 59 inches, everyone will love these!

2. Download a Free Baking Themed Cut File

We have tons of cute baking-themed cut files on our website for free! Make your baking lover a T-Shirt from our T-Shirt Dress Sewing pattern and then cut out and iron on an adorable baking-themed decal. They’ll be sure to bake you something tasty after all the work you put into making them something!

Browse Cut Files

3. Make a Reusable Bread Bag

Reusable bread bags made with linen fabric are perfect for storing homemade bread! They are eco-friendly, washable, and prevent single-use plastic or paper products from being used. Linen fabric helps to keep your bread fresher for longer by giving the right amount of airflow to keep the crust of the bread crusty and the inside of the bread soft.

This Fabric Baskets sewing pattern is perfect: decorative and practical. Tidy up or give your fav plant a bright new home in under 60 minutes

4. Make Fabric Baskets

Fabric Baskets from our Fabric Baskets sewing pattern are a stylish option for pantry organization. The baker in your life will love having coordinating fabric baskets in every size to store all of their baking supplies. You could also make a fabric basket for holding freshly baked muffins or scones. Simply wrap the baked goods up in a kitchen towel and place them inside the fabric basket to hold in the warmth until you’re ready to eat them!

Fabric Baskets Pattern

However you decide to celebrate World Baking Day this year, I hope that it involves eating lots of delicious treats! Be sure to share your Rebecca Page makes with us by joining the Facebook Group or tagging #rebeccapage on Instagram.

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