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Vintage Elegance and Class: Penelope Pencil Dress

The Penelope ladies pencil dress sewing pattern is the epitome of style and elegance; a vintage-inspired heirloom-quality sew!

This dress is everything your vintage daydreams are made of! Style and elegance in one gorgeously flattering, comfy, heirloom-quality pencil dress! This pencil dress sewing pattern is a vintage work of art! The Penelope has been designed with the class of days gone by in mind. Plus this dress has curves for days! And just […]

Very Lovely, Very Vintage Blouse

The supremely feminine and elegantly chic styles of days gone by can be recreated at home, in many different ways, with this ladies vintage blouse sewing pattern.

We have a bit of a thing about vintage styling here at RP HQ. It seems that each of us has a streak of adoration for the flair and class of all things retro. And so there are a bunch of vintage-inspired patterns coming your way. We started down this path with the Betty skirt […]

Here I am, Lusting After an… APRON?!

A FREE delightfully whimsical and charming vintage apron sewing pattern for a pinch of nostalgia and a cute protective layer.

I never thought the day would come that I would have heart eyes for a pair of scissors. Then I started sewing and well… yes. But the day I started lusting after an apron… well that’s one I still haven’t worked out, but here we are, and the new Vintage Apron sewing pattern is 100% […]

Betty the Vintage Beauty

Vintage Sewing - the beuatiful Betty circle skirt by Rebecca Page. IT HAS POCKETS!

In recent blog posts I have declared my love for all things boho-gypsy-peasant style. Well, I also love me some pinup femininity and vintage sewing patterns! I am a book with many pages. Like most people, my defining fashion tastes and style, quite literally, comes down to my mood on any given day – which […]