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Sweet and Summery Jill

Jill is a summery off the shoulder jumpsuit sewing pattern in sizes newborn to 12 years and XXS to 5XL with a cute frilled flounce around the shoulders!

Jill, the newest off the shoulder jumpsuit sewing pattern in the RP stable is a simple beaut! Jill offers clean, comfy lines, easy sewing, and even easier dressing. BUT Jill has a sneaky little fun card up a flounced sleeve… the ruffle/ frill/ draped detailing/ whatever you want to call the bit around the shoulders. […]

HACK: Cerena Yoga Waistband

Cerena Romper Yoga Waistband Hack

Hi, it’s Miranda from I Have Purple Hair. Today I’ll be showing you a neat hack that you can use with the latest pattern, the Cerena Romper! Lemme tell you something: I absolutely LOVE yoga waistbands. Why? Well… They’re super cute, They’re comfortable as heck, and They’re crazy easy to make! This fun project turns […]