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Sewista Stories

Introducing Lerinda Swan, the lovely host of the Doll’s House Quiet Book sew along and the very first to be featured in our Sewista Stories series.

Lerinda, a wife and mom of two from Florida, started on her sewista journey in November 2011. Get to know this creatively wonderful RP brand ambassador a bit better by reading what she has to say when asked a bunch of random questions.

Sewista Stories

How did you start?

I was asked to make a few simple angel costumes for a local church’s Christmas play. I thought “Simple enough. Why not?” I borrowed a machine from a friend and enjoyed sewing the costumes so much that I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas that year!


WHY did you start?

Initially it was a favour for someone, but once I realized how fun it was, I couldn’t stop! Now I sew clothes for my daughter. (I would sew for my son but he never wears what I make for him!)


How did you find Rebecca Page patterns?

You know I don’t even remember! I think I asked in a group for free patterns to sew because it was a time when money was tight so I couldn’t afford fabric and patterns. Rebecca Page’s patterns were suggested when it was still under her previous name “Mummykins and Me.”


What was the first RP sew you made?

I believe it was the Twirltastic Tutu!


Is sewing just a hobby for you or something you want to be able to do full time?

Right now it’s just a hobby, but I would love for it to be a full time gig!


If you had one wish (not necessarily sewing related) what would it be?

My one wish is a pretty big one! I want to own an old southern home. The kind with lots of space and a big front porch where I can have swings, rocking chairs, and loads of wind chimes.


What’s your super power (other than turning a piece of material into something awesome)?

I think my super power is knowing when my kids are doing something bad/ naughty when we aren’t in the same room.


What’s the super power you really want?

To NEVER mess up a project. It would always come together perfectly, look and fit the way it needs to fit the body it’s going on.


Tell us a bit about your machine collection.

I currently own a vintage white treadle, a vintage Singer electric, a Brother serger, and a Brother sewing/quilting machine.


What other “crafty” things do you do?

Sewing is mostly what I do, but I make headbands and hair clips as well. I dabble in rock painting (ya know the ones you hide for others to find?) I also enjoy baking. ☺


What colour is your toothbrush?

Boring white.


Can you please share some go-to fail-safe tips for beginner sewistas?

ALWAYS buy a little more fabric than your project calls for, change your needles often, and make sure you clean out the dust bunnies from your machine!


Cats or dogs?

Honestly, I am not a pet person. I enjoy loving on other people’s pets when I visit their homes, but I can’t take care of kids and pets at the same time. LOL, I tried.


Describe our perfect Sunday.

Perfect Sunday: Breakfast in bed, sewing without interruption, ending the day curled up with a nice book and cup of tea.


If you were stranded on a desert island, which historical figure would you want with you, and why?

Oh gosh. This is a hard one. Julie Andrews I suppose. She is simply amazing.


What’s the sound of your favourite colour?

A trickling stream of water (my favorite color is cerulean blue)


What sewing project are you currently working on?

I actually have several projects cut out but I’ve been in a slump and none of them have made it under the needle yet. They happen to everyone at least once in their sewing life, but don’t worry, it doesn’t last forever!


What is your next planned sew?

I would like to make mommy and me coordinating dresses for an event for my husband’s job, but I’m not sure if I’ll have time!


If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?



If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning medal for?

Sleeping. HAHAHA!


What do you wish you knew more about?

Everything. Haha. I love knowing random knowledge. If I were to have to pick something specifically, I would say baking. I want to learn all about baking.



You can stay up to date with more of what Lerinda has going on here:

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