Sewing your own garments can be so incredibly rewarding. All you need to have a completely me-made wardrobe is clothing patterns and a whole lot of fabric! Whether you use up your stash, shop for new fabric or upcycle old clothing into new… sewing clothes is your way to build the wardrobe of your dreams.

Types of Clothing Patterns

Whether you are a seasoned seamstress, challenging yourself to make a completely me-made wardrobe… or a brand-new beginner learning how to navigate clothing patterns, we have you covered.

You can really sew almost any type of clothing you want. If you are still learning, go for the simpler silhouettes. But once you’ve got your body shape figured out and know how to fit clothes exactly how you want them, you can dive into sewing any project you want! 

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Bestselling Clothing Patterns

These are our all-time best selling garment patterns. Sewed and reviewed by thousands of customers, you can browse these clothes patterns, pick your fav and get started.

Clothing Pattern FAQs

What are some clothing patterns?

There are patterns available to sew almost any clothing you can imagine at home. Outerwear patterns include cardigans, coats, jumpers and jackets. Garments include skirts, dresses, trousers, jeans, shorts and shirts. You can also make your own underwear with knickers, bras, bralettes and thong patterns.

Where can I download a sewing pattern for free?

If you are looking for free sewing patterns, you can get lots with the free RP Makers membership. There’s everything from unicorn pillows to pattern weights, from t-shirts to toys.

The top 5 free clothing patterns are:

  1. The Toronto Tee
  2. Unicorn Pillow
  3. Face Mask
  4. Betty Circle Skirt
  5. Pattern Weights

How can I design my own pattern?

If you are new to pattern designing, start by finding a pattern you like, then make adjustments to it. If it is a PDF pattern, print out the pieces you need, and sew up a plain version in inexpensive fabric (a muslin). This will show you where it fits and you can work out your adjustments from there. 

To design your own pattern, draw the changes you want onto the pattern pieces. Once you are happy with it, sew it up in your muslin fabric to check all the seams match and it fits well. Make any last changes then sew it in your final fabric.

What is the clothing pattern in fashion?

A clothing pattern in fashion has two parts: The instructions and the pattern pieces. The pattern pieces are usually PDF documents. You can print them at home on a free software such as Adobe Reader

To assemble your pattern, follow the instructions and use tape (or a gluestick) to join the pieces of paper together into full scale pattern pieces. You then lay these on your fabric and cut around them. The instructions will then guide you through how to sew the pieces together to make your first piece of homemade clothing.