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Class Schedule

Day 1
  1. Welcome & How To Get The Most Out Of The Event
  2. The Ultimate Table Accessories Tutorial: Learn How To Make Towels, Napkins, Napkin Rings & A Table Runner/Cloth
  3. Discover Top Tips For Sewing Stuffed Animals
  4. A Surprise Free P4P Sew Along!
  5. Creating a Couch Caddy for Your Sewing Accessories
  6. Crafting With Kids!
Day 2
  1. Your First Quilting Project
  2. Learn How To Make Seasonal Towel Hangings
  3. How To Sew a Modern Quilted Pillow
  4. BONUS: A surprise sewing tutorial!
  5. A Demonstration Tutorial For Wood Art On Wood With Fabric
  6. Finding Beauty in Burlap
Day 3
  1. A Chicken Pattern Weight 8 Step Sew
  2. Ultimate Scrape Buster Creating Fabric Twine
  3. Peacock Costume Sew Along: Part 1 of 2 (The Tutu)
  4. Discover How To Use Scraps To Make Baby Color Books: Part 1 of 2
  5. How To Upcycle An Old T-Shirt Into An Adorable Childs Top
  6. From Beginners to Advanced: Tips and Tricks for Sewing the Roxy Wristlet
Day 4
  1. Introduction to Hand Applique
  2. The Ultimate Scrap Buster
  3. Five Roxy Wristlet Hacks
  4. How To Make An Essential Grocery Sack
  5. How to Make Crazy Pincushions
Day 5
  1. Peacock Costume Sew Along: Part 2 of 2 (The Mask)
  2. Discover How To Use Scraps To Make Baby Color Books: Part 2 of 2
  3. Sewing with Kids: Making a Toy Blanket
  4. A 3D Pinwheel Quilting Tutorial
  5. Simple Lounge Pants/Play Shorts Sew Along (Child Friendly)
  6. The Ultimate Fabric Buster: Creating Fun & Unique Tumblers

“This Fabric Crafts summit was the best. I would get the all access so you can go back it you need a refresher or just want to watch again. Well worth the cost for sure.Veronica Marler