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Get access to 43 Embroidery classes from world-renowned teachers with the VIP All Access Pass!

  • Anytime access to all 43 Embroidery classes from the Embroidery Summit 2023 plus 3 VIP-exclusive classes
  • All 37 downloadable, print-at-home PDF patterns from the classes
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Class Schedule

  1. Satin Stitch & Back Stitch Dragonfly by Kirsty Freeman
  2. Introduction To Thread Journaling by Stephanie Evans
  3. Easy Ombre Feather Embroidery Pattern by Sarah Milligan
  4. Make This Pretty Appliqued Flower with Easy Show Stitches by Tracey Campbell
  5. How to Embroider the Kawaii Way! by Mollie Johanson
  6. Florals for Beginners by Christina Fleming
  7. Upcycled Pouch with Sashiko Stitching by Kate Ward
  8. Rainbow Embroidery Stitch Sampler for Beginners by Jess Barron
  9. Books and Plant – Beginner Project by Jody Speck
TUESDAY, June 27th
  1. Chain Stitch Seascape by Tracey Campbell
  2. Feather Embroidery – 7 Lovely Beginner Embroidery Stitches by Katherine Savage
  3. Personalized Jute Handbag for A Bachelorette Party by Ana Santaniello
  4. Let’s Grow Together with This ‘Rise Up’ Embroidery Design by Katherine Savage
  5. Flower Monogram Embroidery by Anne Mende
  6. Wildflower Pin Cushion by Kirsty Freeman
  7. The Honey Bee Garden by Justyna Rieckel
  8. Thread Journal – Finessing Your Title by Stephanie Evans
  9. Wedding Ring Holder by Ana Santaniello
WEDNESDAY, june 28th
  1. Thread Painting Cute Mushroom – Part 1 by Alyssa Rivera
  2. Embroidered Wardrobe With Stick And Stitch Washaway Stabilizer by Nicole McRae
  3. Raised Embroidery Sunflower by Ashley Denn
  4. Spring Ladybug: Practicing Basic Embroidery Stitches by Carley Pettitt
  5. Floral Photo Frame Embroidery Class by Marion Sebbage
  6. Introduction to Threadpainting Birds by Carley Pettitt
  7. Yellow Botanical Embroidery. How To Embroider The Buttercups, Chamomiles And Mouse Peas by Aliaksandra Dzyachenka
  8. Pattern Transfer – Printing on Fabric by Julie Schappert
THURSDAY, june 29th
  1. How To Embroidery the Olive Branch and Designed It into The Hair Clips by Aliaksandra Dzyachenka
  2. Hand Embroidered Flowers on a Tote Bag by Danielle Wyman
  3. The Rose – Patch or Brooch, You Choose – Part 1 by Loetitia Gibier
  4. Thread Painting Cute Mushroom – Part 2 by Alyssa Rivera
  5. Abstract Embroidery – Part 1 by Shikira Alleyne-Samuel
  6. Heart Pendant, A Mini Introduction to Goldwork Techniques by Stephanie Kincade
  7. Embellishment Embroidery by Elnaz Yazdani
  8. Illustrative Embroidery: Creating Art with Thread by Rachel Crawford
FRIDAY, June 30th
  1. Kawaii Flower Greeting Card by Mollie Johanson
  2. Stitching A Word Using 7 Basic Stitches by Jessica McCloy
  3. Print Your Photos onto Fabric and Bring Them to Life with Embroidery by Jess Barron
  4. The Rose – Patch or Brooch, You Choose – Part 2 by Loetitia Gibier
  5. Blooming Floral Embroidery Hoop by Katherine Harris
  6. Handmade Gifts and How to Make Them by Danielle Wyman
  7. Abstract Embroidery – Part 2 by Shikira Alleyne-Samuel
  8. Create an Embroidery Photo Frame by Samantha Purves
  9. Winter Fire – Stitch Along by Jody Speck
VIP Bonus Classes
  1. Using Beads in Your Embroidery Masterclass by Kirsty Freeman
  2. How To Embroider Tiny People by Catia Pereira
  3. Stitching A See-Through Glass Effect by Jessica McCloy

“I liked it.. glad I am able to access videos after online..Thanks!– Loreen Toutant