FREEBIE – Unicorn Pillow Sewing Pattern

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  • Craft a delightfully magical unicorn pillow for every room!
  • Use ribbons, trims, and beautiful fabrics to transform your unicorn into a thing of wonder
  • Suitable for wovens
  • Perfect for beginner sewistas
  • Pattern pieces and full tutorials with step-by-step instructions
  • Finished size: Approximately 10 inches width x 15 inches height
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Roll me in fairy dust and call me a unicorn! This unicorn pillow sewing pattern is simply enchanting!

Every room in every home needs a touch of wonder and this particular unicorn will sprinkle magic everywhere like it’s confetti!

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn 🦄

Let’s get magical!

Let your imagination loose and transform this pillow into pure delight with all the beautiful trims, fabrics scraps, ribbons, and bedazzle you can get your hands on.

Gallery – See images from Instagram below. Or view our full tester galleries on our Facebook page here: Unicorn Pillow

Skill Level – Beginner

Sizes – Finished size: approximately 10 inches bottom width x 15 inches height

Options – Embroidered or vinyl cut out options for the eyes and nose

Ideas – Create a thing of wonder with battery-powered fairy lights stitched along the mane and horn to add extra wow! Add even more extra wow with gorgeous glittery fabric paint for the eyes and nose detailing or even just some magnificent polka dots! There are so many ways to to take this pillow and elevate it to fantastical levels.

Fabrics – Suitable for non-stretch wovens. Some excellent choices include cotton, felt, and fleece. See the fabric requirements in the gallery above for yardage. Serger/ overlocker is optional, but NOT required.

Format – This trim-free pattern is a downloadable PDF and comes in A4 or US letter printable sizes. An A0 format (pattern pieces only) is also included should you wish to have your pattern printed professionally. PDF Layers allow you to select and print only the size/s you want.

Support – Please join the Rebecca Page Sewing group should you require any assistance at any point throughout your RP sewing experience. This wonderful community of sewistas is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help! The group is just a happy place to be where you can share photos of your RP sews, enter giveaways, get sales information, and new-release updates.

Reviews (44)

44 reviews for FREEBIE – Unicorn Pillow Sewing Pattern

  1. Karen Greenhalgh

    My youngest grandson is obsessed by unicorns so this pattern was a must make (he requested pink and purple) It’s a great pattern and I made it from polar fleece. The pattern was really easy to follow and came together brilliantly. I didn’t want my other grandson to feel left out so asked if he’d prefer a dragon which he did, so I made another one, this time from red fun fur and black fleece , using the ear pattern to make spikes up the back which I stuffed. It looks fantastic and they both love them.

  2. Lauri M

    This pattern is SO much fun, easy to read and you can make it as simple or a bedazzled as you like, the possibilities are endless. I used bridal fabrics on mine to make a glamorous version, and even with the picky fabrics it sewed up quickly.

    Let your imagination go wild with this one, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Andrea Bailey

    Beautiful pattern with lots of ways to change. I found using thick fleece-like material made it harder to sew it all together, especially with only a 1/4″ seam allowance. That being said, the pattern is easy to follow.

  4. Corrine Smith

    This was a magical sew. I enjoyed mixing different patterns, prints and shapes to create a unique unicorn that matches the recipients personality. Each finished project is different and love how easy and fun it was to make.

  5. Anna Metcalf

    Such a cute finished product! It definitely took a little bit of time, but my daughter loves how it turned out.

  6. Chris M Shapiro

    The Unicorn Pillow is a sweet project for a special little girls. Sewn from a soft woven with lots of trims to make it as magical as you can dream. This pillow will make all your sweet little dreams magical dreams!

  7. Sharon Courtney

    Easy to follow pattern which gave a beautiful result. The frilly mane and unicorn horn can be embellished with lace, ribbon, or whatever you fancy to create your own magical pillow. An enjoyable sew with very clear, detailed instructions and pictures to help with every step.

  8. Kelsey Jean

    What a fun sew! I loved the opportunity to be creative and play with the mane materials and the eyes came out great. Super easy to put together. Highly recommend!

  9. Sequoialynn Sews

    This is so completely fun! I loved every minute of my unicorn project and especially digging through the bits and bobs in my stash. 🙂

  10. Virginie Bissinger

    It’s a great pattern ! It is not difficult to sew it but you have to be conscientious and have good noodles. It is important to think about fabrics. A dad bought fabric and I broke 2 noodles because it was so thick, but I did it with a jeans’ one. It is a marvelous gift to make. And plus : it’s free !

  11. Kerry Wallman

    This is a cute, quick sew. It can get a little tricky when sewing around the main if it’s not basted properly or pinned/clipped well. Clips are a must to help keep the fabric from bunching! This pattern allows for so much creativity in terms of mixing and matching fabrics. This is sure to make a great gift or statement decor piece.

  12. Kelle Lujan

    I sew a lot of clothing, but sometimes you just want something to make something quick and easy that doesn’t have to fit anyone- hello unicorn pillow! This pattern was such a joy from start to finish- easy pattern assembly, quick cutting, straightforward sewing, and a great finished product. There are endless possibilities for creativity to make exactly the unicorn YOU want. I highly recommend it for all the unicorn lovers out there, especially beginning sewing unicorns. Plus, did I mention it’s free? You won’t regret the download.

  13. Tiffany Allen

    I really love this pattern. I’ve made three versions of it so far. It’s so versatile you can make it in so many different ways. You can use different types of fabrics and trims to make it unique to match a theme, color scheme or your personality. Kids really love it and I think it would make a great project for a young sewist.

  14. Kris Chick

    This is a super easy pattern and project and you can use up all your scraps or get super creative! I’ve seen this turned into a Zebra, a Giraffe, a Fawn, a Horse and even a Dragon! You can be as imaginative as you want to be!

  15. Agnes Bobak

    It is a very easy and quick sew with quick success. All little girls would be amazed to have one! I liked every minute of sewing it.

  16. Ana Inês Barros

    I love this pattern so much. You can give wings to your imagination and create so many magical pillows <3

  17. Marie-Ève Benoit

    Less instructions du patron sont faciles à suivre et les résultat est tellement mignon! | The pattern’s instructions are easy to follow and the result is just so cute!

  18. Melisa Harry

    LOVE this pattern it’s so versatile and fun! Perfect travel stuffy and car pillow. The next one I’m adding wings to it. Another very awesome RP pattern.

  19. Karen Greenhalgh

    Such a great pattern! I’ve made 2, one for each grandson and they love them! Easy pattern to follow and the instructions are very clear. Ideal for children of all ages (and adults!)

  20. Cori Clemmer

    This pattern came together nicely. I was able to use scraps of fabric (fantastic!) and make an adorable pillow for my daughter’s friend. My daughter wants one for herself now! The instructions were clear and easy to understand and I thought the method of construction was ideal. I would definitely recommend this pattern 🙂

  21. Elyse Clarke

    Such a sweet pillow. Easy instructions and a really elegant shaped result

  22. Anusha

    Awesome pattern , brilliant instructions, easy and quick gift to make .

  23. Gabrielle Carisse

    It was an easy and quick sew! Although the embroidery took me a little longer than I tough to figure out. It makes a perfect homemade gift for a little girl, and great addition to any girly bedroom.

  24. Toni Clark

    This pattern is amazing! So easily personalized, fun and quick to make. I adore my unicorn pillow. The instructions are very easy to follow and its a great scrap buster project. Loved making this and will be making plenty more in the future. Thanks RP!!

  25. Nadia Fovakis

    Fun sew! But need to be careful with fabric choice as there are a LOT of layers that are being sewn through!

  26. December O’Sullivan

    The unicorn pillow was the first stuffed thing I have ever sewn and it was seriously a breeze with these instructions. I love this pattern and can’t wait to make matching versions for my nieces! I love the details and how quickly it came together.

  27. Hildur Gudmundsdottir

    The unicorn pillow is a fun pattern filled with possibilities. It can be a horse or a unicorn or a deer or what ever you can come up with. And it can be embellished as much or as little as you like. The pillow has been a hit in my household as with other kids who have gotten it.

  28. Vicky Dufour

    The unicorn pillow, such a magical sew !! Great scraps busting project, 10000001 possibilities: colors, patterns, texture… just need a sewing machine and imagination… a whole world of magical creatures opens ! Great instructions, makes the unicorn pillow an easy sew; just have to take it slow when there’s a significant number of layers. Loved every minutes creating this gorgeous pillow for my daughter ! <3

  29. Allison Tierney

    What a cute and fun make! I love that I was able to use some fun scraps I’ve been saving too. Can’t wait to give this as a birthday gift!

  30. Victoria Williams

    This is a fantastic pattern!! So easy to follow the clear instructions and so quick to make! (I took longer choosing my fabric than the actual making of the pillow!)
    Such a winning pattern for little & not so little ones as the look of your unicorn is only limited to your imagination and fabric combinations. I’m so glad to have in my pattern library in case i need to whip up a quick gift for birthday parties.
    I made a white/multicolored unicorn for my daughter – my son loved it so much i had to make him one, although he requested a dragon, so easy to swap out a few pieces and we had a beautiful ‘sea dragon’ finished in no time!!

  31. Jennifer Reeves

    I LOVE this pattern. I’ve even modified it a bit to make a Toothless pillow for a friend’s nursery after testing it by making a unicorn pillow for my niece and then a giraffe pillow (that one’s for me). This is a must for anyone with little girls!

  32. Laura Wheelis

    This pattern is great! So many ways to customize and really make the pillow unique. This pattern can also be a great scrap buster or Trim buster! You know that little bit of trim/fringe/lace left over that isn’t quite enough for clothing? This pattern is perfect to use it up!

  33. Yulia Shikhova Korinnyi

    This makes absolute best presents. Such an adorable sew. Love it absolutely!

  34. Ruch Dayo

    Easy and fast sew, not that kids love it but adult as well

  35. Shelby Chubb

    Such a fun, cute, customizable pillow! Awesome stash buster. I was able to use up pieces in my scrap pile and still make a super cute pillow. My only criticism would be that the ears, mane, fringe all line up at the same spot which gets really thick to sew through and the fringe on mine needed to be tacked down in front to lay properly.

  36. Angie Kyp

    My girls fell in love with this pillow from the moment they saw it. The pillow itself is easy to sew but in places requires precise sewing to ensure all the pieces are attached properly. The outcome is truly special and can be personalised to suit each individual and makes a great birthday gift for someone special.

  37. Erika Alvarez-Darby

    Super easy and fun to make! Instructions are extremely easy to follow

  38. Andreia de Almeida

    This is such a lovely pattern. The instructions are clear and easy and the pillow is beautiful and sweet. And it offers so many possibilities of customization and combinations of fabrics, colors and trims.

  39. Tessa Smolders

    I love this pattern, it’s a quick project that will make you score with your daughters/nieces/…
    My daughter loves it and my friend ordered another one for her daughter!

  40. Carrie Wilson

    Fun, elegant pillow that was easy to make. Could really spruce up a little girl’s room.

  41. Marran Cleary Poole

    Adorable pillow that was a quick sew and can be personalized in many different ways.

  42. Meghan Rose Allen

    Such a cute sew and a great way to use up some odd shaped pieces. Make sure you have a sturdy needle for sewing through all the layers by the ears, mane, horn, etc. Lots of fun and super cute when done!

  43. Chaney Baxley Mobley

    Love the unicorn! It’s a fantastic sew and the result is beautiful.

  44. Lucy Lloyd

    Such a great scrap buster- and super pretty too! My little girl absolutely loves her unicorn, and I can see myself making a few more as presents for the family. I love all the different ways to be creative with this one- a truly magical make!

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