FREEBIE – Tooth Fairy Pillow Sewing Pattern

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  • A FREE tooth fairy pillow sewing pattern
  • Three character options
  • All three options are quick and easy
  • Perfect for beginner sewistas
  • Suitable for woven fabrics only
  • Pattern pieces and full tutorial with step-by-step instructions
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Losing your first tooth can be scary but this adorable tooth fairy pillow pattern makes it exciting! Having a personalised Tooth Fairy Pillow makes it an even more memorable and special milestone – for the kidlets and parents alike.

You could just pick one of the three patterns included and follow it exactly… or use it as a guide and let your imagination go wild!  We’ve included a few ideas to really make these as personalised to you and your child as possible and would love to see what else you can come up with!

Take the handle from the Ballerina Tooth and add it to the other options so they are all easy to hang on a handy door knob.  Turn the monster teeth into dinosaur teeth!  The Monster Tooth is a great base for creating a dragon or a unicorn!

Have fun and enjoy creating your child’s special tooth fairy pillow!

Gallery – See images from Instagram below. Or view our full tester gallery on Facebook: Tooth Fairy Pillow

Skill Level – Beginner

The finished measurements of the pillows are:

  • Big Tooth Pillow – 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches
  • Monster Teeth Pillow – 5.5 inches x 5 inches
  • Ballerina Tooth Pillow – 4.75 inches x 5.25 inches

Print at 100% (no scale) on your home printer to make pillows exactly this size, or scale up or down to make them bigger or smaller.

Options – Three  different tooth fairy pillow patterns to choose from: a ‘Big Tooth’ pillow, a ‘Monster Teeth’ pillow with removable teeth, or a ‘Ballerina Tooth’ pillow complete with tutu.

Fabrics – Suitable for woven fabrics only.

If you use a fabric with a print or nap such as velvet, remember to cut all pieces in the same direction and to allow extra fabric for this.

See the fabric requirements in the gallery above for yardage. A serger/ overlocker is optional but NOT required.

Format – This trim-free pattern is a downloadable PDF and comes in A4 or US letter printable sizes. An A0 format (pattern pieces only) is also included should you wish to have your pattern printed professionally. PDF Layers allow you to select and print only the size/s you want.

Support – Please join the Rebecca Page Sewing group should you require any assistance at any point throughout your RP sewing experience. This wonderful community of sewistas is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help! It’s also just a happy place to be. You can share photos of your RP sews, enter giveaways, get sales information, and new-release updates.

Reviews (20)

20 reviews for FREEBIE – Tooth Fairy Pillow Sewing Pattern

  1. Jackie Henderson

    An excellent beginner project! Sews up very quick for a last minute gift! Also good for kids to begin learning to sew! Lots of ways to personalize this pillow and make it special for your toothless little people. Having it around makes night venturing of the tooth fairy easier and safer! 😉 Enjoy!

  2. Lerinda Swan

    I love everything about this pattern. It is so easy to make from start to finish and super customisable. I made the two I was required to for the month and now I have a stack of five others for my nephews!

  3. Leanne Miller

    A fun project that you could easily involve the children to help create their tooth pillows. Easily adaptable to add your own personal touch and style, super quick project.

  4. Lucy Lloyd

    Such a fun quick and easy pattern to make three unique fun pillows – plus there are more ways to be creative if you fancy! These came together so quickly and my kids love them – so handy now my eldest has starting losing his baby teeth

  5. Jennifer Lichak

    These sweet tooth fairy pillows are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face! Simple details and easy instructions will make this a go to pattern.

  6. Jess Mullens

    What a wonderful and easy pattern! Let your creativity shine with endless possibilities 🙂 Drafted wonderfully and very easy directions. Thank you for a wonderful pattern!!

  7. Lorna Parker

    Quick, easy and very popular in our house

  8. Lisa Lazenby

    No more searching for that little tooth in the dark! Now with these adorable pillows, I mean the tooth fairy! – will know exactly where to grab the tooth and leave money for our littles. An easy pattern for beginners with an awesome and professional looking outcome!

  9. Dani Arthur

    What a sweet and simple pattern! Perfect to have the kids join in and even make their own. Great instructions and options and perfect for putting your own spin on the options! I turned my monster pillow into a dinosaur for my dino loving boy!

  10. Jess Boaz-Head

    This pattern is extremely easy and incredibly cute! They come together so fast and the results are amazing. Plan to make these for all the kids in my life!

  11. Gabz Jefferson

    This is such a fun pattern. Very easy to make and so cute. Won’t take long to sew all these pillows. Excellent pattern for beginners.

  12. Cristy Barnes

    It’s a very simple, quick and effective sew. My son loves his special tooth pillow. He can’t wait to lose some to see what the tooth fairy will leave for him.

  13. Emma Zobel

    These pillows are so cute and easy to make! They would make the perfect starting project if you want to teach your kids how to sew. The kids love putting their teeth into the pillow and otherwise it makes for cute decor as well 🙂

  14. AngieKyp

    The Tooth Fairy pillows are so quick to sew up with great reward when given to the little ones. They make great gifts and can be personalised in so many ways. This pattern is unisex and limits are dependent on your imagination.

  15. Nadine Simard

    Great beginner pattern, with fun options to let your imagination go while!

  16. Debbie Davis

    This is such a great pattern to use as the base for all of your creativity! It gives a great small size pillow that can be a tooth, monster, ballerina – or a Kitty Cat!

  17. Maxyne Jacques

    An easy and quick project to sew. Perfect for using fabric scraps. The pattern is well explained, it’s the perfect project for beginner!

  18. Marissa Sie

    Cute and very quick sew and a great way to use up scrap fabrics and I even used my scraps for the stuffing too

  19. Vicky Boucher

    It’s a quick and easy sew. Little monsters are adorable. It’s a good sew to use scraps ! Try it, kids will love it!

  20. Anusha Krishnamurthy

    Absolutely adorable , quick sew . Kids will love it .

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