Knit and Woven Swatch Kit Set

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Learn about both knit and woven fabrics with this complete set of 20+ knit fabric swatches and 20+ woven fabric swatches in one set. Each swatch includes fabric information, care, and uses.

You love to sew. The feeling of fabric as you gently glide it through your sewing machine to create a special piece that you’ll treasure. Dreaming of your next big project. Stockpiling fabric until you find the perfect thing to sew.

But, buying fabric online can be tricky. You want to touch and feel the fabric. You want to feel the weight. Stretch it. Understand how it moves.

So, we created this special Fabric Swatch kit featuring 20+ different types of knit fabric and 20+ different kinds of woven fabric just for you! Featuring 4″ x 4″ (approx.) fabric swatches, fabric care instructions, recommended uses and more – this is the perfect addition to your sewing room. No more wondering what that fabric is like or if you should use it on that next project!

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