FREEBIE – Lab Coat Sewing Pattern

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  • Add to the dress up fun with this real-forensic-scientist-approved lab coat sewing pattern
  • Use the pattern and the extra bits and pieces to create the perfect costumes for (among many others) doctors, nurses, mad scientists, vets, chefs, and firemen; let your imagination run wild!
  • Loose fitting and designed to wear over clothes
  • Optional pockets, back vent, and mock belt
  • Suitable for light-weight wovens
  • Perfect for adventurous beginner – intermediate sewistas
  • Pattern pieces and full tutorials with step-by-step instructions
  • Children’s 2 – 12 years sizing
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When a real-life forensic scientist gives this lab coat sewing pattern the thumbs up, you know you’re adding serious epicness to the kidlets’ dress up collection!

The lab coat is loose fitting in order to wear over clothing. The extra features (stethoscope, bio-hazard symbol, Rod of Asclepius, and other scientific paraphernalia) help you create super cool and realistic play costumes. There’s even a pair of contrasting stripes to add for a firefighter’s coat!

Hours of fun and imagination-stimulating play await!

Gallery – See images from Instagram below. Or view our full tester galleries on our Facebook page here: FREEBIE Lab Coat

Skill Level – Adventurous Beginner to Intermediate

Sizes – Pattern includes children’s 2 – 12 years sizing. See the size chart in the gallery above.

Options – Optional pocket, back vent, mock belt, and contrasting stripes.

Fabrics – This pattern is suitable for light-weight woven fabrics. See the fabric requirements in the gallery above for yardage. A serger/ overlocker is optional but NOT required.

Format – This trim-free pattern is a downloadable PDF and comes in A4 or US letter printable sizes. An A0 format (pattern pieces only) is also included should you wish to have your pattern printed professionally. PDF Layers allow you to select and print only the size/s you want.

Support – Please join the Rebecca Page Sewing group should you require any assistance at any point throughout your RP sewing experience. This wonderful community of sewistas is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help! It’s also just a happy place to be; where you can share photos of your RP sews, enter giveaways, get sales information, and new-release updates.

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for FREEBIE – Lab Coat Sewing Pattern

  1. Jenni Early

    My kids absolutely LOVE this pattern! They have worn the lab coats almost every day since I’ve made them and requested another one for the 3 year old who doesn’t have one yet. The collar is the trickiest part, but there’s a video that makes that fairly easy to sew also 🙂 Rebecca Page patterns are always so well written and user-friendly!

  2. Ashley Richey-Burdick

    This lab coat is everything I have been looking for since my daughter told me she wanted to be a doctor. The options are wonderful, the sizing is perfect (I love that there is plenty of room to grow), and my daughter is in love. This pattern is a little more difficult than a beginner, but not too complicated, and the included tutorial and linked videos will help a ton with any of the more challenging parts. A great pattern.

  3. Kirsten Welch

    This is a fabulous pattern! All those extras are so awesome! I wasn’t expecting those and was so surprised by them! It’s really a great sew and perfect for boys or girls and has the potential for so many different variations.

  4. Melinda Bailey

    As always I cannot fault Rebecca Page patterns. Instructions are clear and concise and the outcome was a great addition to the dress up box. I decided to sew a white coat, which can double as a lab coat or doctors coat and my little man was impressed!

  5. Michelle Wellstead

    What a fabulous pattern and a freebie which is brilliant. I learnt so many new skills, my first time doing French Seams and my first ever buttonholes, very exciting for novice sewist like me. A little challenging at times, but I thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills and felt very accomplished when I completed it. I made it into a fireman’s Coat and my grandson was tickled pink dressed up like a fireman, I’m not sure who was more excited with the Coat, him or me 🙂

  6. Elmarie van Deventer

    This pattern was so much fun! The instructions are super easy to follow and the diagrams make it even easier. With the pockets and additional stripes it is versatile and can be turned into a fireman’s or paramedics jacket as well. Most children’s patterns seem more geared towards little girls and I was so happy to be able to sew something up for my son! Thanks to the RP team for such a great (AND FREE!) pattern!

  7. Mirela Marinescu (verified owner)

    I am absolutely grateful for this free pattern, i think of myself as an adventurous beginner in sewing but I found it very difficult to understand steps 3.8 to 3.10, images are not clear and also the explanations not very clear. Maybe a video would be awesome cause because of this gap in the process I have lost the track in sewing the rest.

    • Beverly Kepple

      We use different methods in different patterns so that our sewisters can try new techniques. You can use another technique, your preferred one, to finish the labcoat or use the technique in the Sophia.

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