Chic, Vintage Inspired Dress from Woven Curtains (Includes Pattern)


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Some would say curtains go out of style, but I beg to differ. When you think of how many yards of fabric are in curtain panels, your whole world opens up to sewing possibilities! Can you imagine 6 yards of fabric from a thrift store for $14? Total score! I found a set of two curtain panels in an olive green color and turned them into a vintage inspired dress with a v-neck and sash that I cannot wait to wear it all year long! Fall with booties, yep! Winter with boots and a pea coat? Absolutely! Spring and summer with neutral heels? You betcha!

If you’re ready to upcycle an old pair of woven curtains into a chic, vintage inspired dress, come join me!


Class Duration: 15 minutes

Teacher: Jenny Hall


  • Woven Curtains
  • Cutting Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pattern Pieces
  • Thread

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