Posy Pleated Pants High-Waisted Hack

The recently-released Posy Pleated Pants are, quite simply, a wardrobe staple. The silhouette may be trendy at the moment, but the wide-legged trousers are a timeless classic.

With this hack, you can change the fit just a bit to sit differently, making them high-waisted wonders.

High Waisted Posy

Start by measuring yourself and determining your size. Make sure to measure around your body where the trousers are intended to sit (use the finished measurements chart from the pattern) and around your body where you want them to sit. Depending on the difference, you might be able to get away with simply tightening the waistband elastic.

If they’re not quite high-waisted enough, then:

  • Add one inch to both the front and back rises
  • Add one inch to both of the waist band pieces
  • Widen the sash to be the same width as the waistband
  • Lengthen the belt loops to equal the waistband width

High Waisted Posy

A note from the lovely Becky: the Posy pants don’t sit quite on the natural waist but they definitely aren’t low rise. I’d suggest a muslin first to determine just how much higher to make them. I think the current rise looks really lovely and modern, in all sizes and with tops both tucked in or out. I’ve been thinking the Paris top would be an amazing pair with these awesome pants!


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