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Paper Crafts Summit 2022 – Schedule

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Day 1 – Monday August 1st, 2022

CLASS 1 – Create a Cozy Home Decor Collage with Paper Cut-Outs by Sarah Forest

CLASS 2 – Paper Woven Heart Baskets by Elise Chase-Sinclair

CLASS 3 – Embroidered Paper Bookmarks by Sarah White

CLASS 4 – Paper Cutting Woodland Animal Frame by Rachel Wicker

CLASS 5 – Decoupaging with Rice Papers by Jenn Stuart

CLASS 6 – City Wallet – Sewing With Washable Paper by Andrew Myles

CLASS 7 – Floral Initial L from Sandali By Ritulika – Part 1 by Dr Ritulika Patidar

CLASS 8 – Ribboned Cover and Doubled Page Drawing Book by Paula Krieg

Day 2 – Tuesday August 2nd, 2022

CLASS 1 – Let’s make a Junk Journal by Yvonne Dirckx

CLASS 2 – Embroidery on Photos by Sarah White

CLASS 3 – Quilled Floral Heart by Dr Ritulika Patidar

Final Pic - WineNecklaces - BeeMello

CLASS 4 – Paper Wine-Necklaces – Part 1 by Melissa Mello

CLASS 5 – Woven Paper Lantern by Helen Hiebert

CLASS 6 – Mixed Media Inspirational Wall Art Signs by Shemi Dixon

CLASS 7 – Design and Cut Your Own Stickers with a Cutting Machine by Charynn Olsheski

CLASS 8 – Floral Initial L – Part 2. Dr Ritulika Patidar, Sandali By Ritulika by Dr Ritulika Patidar

Day 3 – Wednesday August 3rd, 2022

CLASS 1 – Multi-utility Quilled Greeting Card by Kunali Shah

CLASS 2 – Pull Tab Flower Surprise Card by Stephanie Paxman

CLASS 3 – How to Design and Print Insert Cards by Rebecca Oburotha

CLASS 4 – Present Day Self-portrait Collage by Birungi Kawooya

Final Pic- Tea Party with Alice Fun Fold Cards - Kathy Clement

CLASS 5 – Tea Party with Alice Fun Fold Cards by Kathy Clement

Susan Edwards

CLASS 6 – Fun Fold Gift Card Holder by Susan Edwards

CLASS 7 – Custom Dyeing and Arranging Handmade Paper Flowers by Kathy Clement

CLASS 8 – Paper Flowers by Sarah Henne-Parkhurst

Final Pic - WineNecklaces - BeeMello

CLASS 9 – Paper Wine-Necklaces – Part 2 by Melissa Mello

Day 4 – Thursday August 4th 2022

CLASS 1 – How to create Storage Jar Labels by Rebecca Oburotha

CLASS 2 – Lollipop Flower Favors by Melissa Mello

CLASS 3 – Past Self-portrait Collage by Birungi Kawooya

CLASS 4 – Papercraft Gifts For Friends by Eunice Beeching

CLASS 7 – Origami Bookmarks by Mariela Recinos Akbari

CLASS 5 – Paper Scrap Affirmation Pendants by Shemi Dixon

Final Pic - Mandee Thomas

CLASS 8 – How to Make a Paper Craft Cuckoo Clock by Mandee Thomas

CLASS 6 – Origami Decorations by Sydney Lo Vidales

CLASS 9 – Origami Paper Flowers by Mariela Recinos Akbari

Day 5 – Friday August 5th, 2022

CLASS 1 – Zig Zag Slimline Card by Jaqualine Hart

CLASS 2 – Making Origami Ornaments by Reiko Itoh

CLASS 3 – Mandala Mixed Media Scrapbook with Hidden Journaling by Megan Elizabeth

Zig Zag Mini Album

CLASS 4 – Zig Zag Mini Album by Jaqualine Hart

CLASS 5 – Future Self-portrait Collage by Birungi Kawooya

CLASS 6 – Making Origami Gift Box by Reiko Itoh

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VIP Bonus Class 1 – Music in Scrapbooking: How to Place a Working Spotify Code Into Memory Keeping by Megan Elizabeth

VIP Bonus Class 2 – Large Wall Paper-Sunflower/ Cake Topper by Melissa Mello

VIP Bonus Class 3 – Decorative Quilled Rosette Dangler by Kunali Shah