Our Top 20 One Yard Patterns

Our Top 20

One Yard Patterns

Our Top 20

One Yard Patterns

Do you ever get to the end of an apparel sewing project and realize you have about a yard of fabric leftover? What do you do with it? Is it worth storing? What could you possibly make with just one yard of fabric or less? 

As sewists, we’ve all asked ourselves these questions. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to do with that leftover scrap of apparel fabric, but we’re here to help you find the perfect pattern to use up all of your leftover scraps! 

We’ve compiled a list of our top 20 favorite sewing patterns that only take about 1 yard of fabric or less to make. 

1. Booty Undies

$8.75 On Sale

Make your booty a little cuter! This is a super simple sew with a great fit that can be your new comfiest undies. All women’s and curvy sizes can be made with just one yard of fabric!

Sew the ultimate wardrobe staple with the womens tshirt dress sewing pattern. Loads of options and it comes in sizes XXS to 5XL.

2. Crop Top from the T-shirt Dress Pattern

$18.90 Bundle

If you’ve been looking for a great classic crop top pattern, you need to check out the cropped version of our T-shirt dress pattern! It’s super cute and perfect for using up leftover knit fabric scraps. With just one yard of fabric you can make any child’s sized or women’s sized crop top. *Most curvy sizes will require an additional quarter to a half a yard of fabric.  

Sew a pair of super quick and easy on-trend bottoms with the brand-new childrens culottes sewing pattern! Available in sizes 12 months to 12 years.

3. Culottes Shorts

$10.15 On Sale

What’s not to love about a pair of culottes shorts? They’re fun, flowy, and perfect for warm weather and scrap busting goodness! With one yard of fabric you can make women’s sizes 1-6!

4. Shapewear

$8.75 On Sale

Sew perfectly-fitting shapewear in a few hours! The Shapewear Sewing Pattern features two style options, two waist options, leg and waist elastic, and optional interlining for additional support, and minimal seams. And the best part? All sizes and styles can be made with one yard of fabric!

5. Winter Hat

$5.95 On Sale

Have some leftover cozy knit fabric from your latest project? The Winter Hat pattern is the perfect cozy knit fabric scrap buster! With just half a yard of fabric you can make a hat in any size. With another quarter yard, add a fun contrasting cuff! 

6. Tie & Bowtie

$4.55 On Sale

A stylish addition to complete every wardrobe is a custom Tie and Bowtie! Every size tie or bowtie included in the pattern can be made with one yard of fabric or less making it the perfect scrap buster. 

7. Basic Thong

$8.75 On SALe

Make yourself a perfectly fitting thong with one yard of fabric or less. This pattern comes with three rise options, multiple finish options and a tummy support lining option. You’ll love this pattern and how little fabric it uses! 

8. Sleep Mask

$3.50 On Sale

This sleep mask is a great way to guarantee a good nights sleep. The mask is perfect for using up all of those scraps of fabric leftover from those adorable PJs you just made! Make a mask for adults and children with just a quarter yard of fabric!

9. Racerback Bralette

$10.15 On Sale

Comfy, cute and easy to wear bralettes can be made with less than a yard of fabric in all sizes! The Racerback Bralette is the perfect scrap busting project! Once you make one, you’ll want to make them in every color! 

10. Peggy Pencil Skirt

$8.75 on sale

You’ll love how easy to make the Peggy Pencil Skirt is! It looks sleek and elegant and doesn’t require any zippers or fastenings. Women’s size XXS-3XL can make the skirt with just 1 yard of fabric making it the perfect wardrobe addition!

11. Cheeky Underwear

$8.75 On sale

Make your day a little more cheeky! This simple sew will come together super quickly and you’ll be amazed with how little fabric is required. And it’s perfect for using up knit fabric scraps! 

12. Cozy Headband

$5.95 On Sale

Create the perfect accessory to keep warm and stylish with this headband sewing pattern. Choose between wide or narrow, and three different style options. Make every size with just about a quarter yard of fabric! 

13. Sports Bra

$11.55 On sale

Full coverage and support make this Sports Bra pattern one of our favorite one yard patterns! Everyone needs a sports bra that fits perfectly and why not make it pretty with one yard or less of your favorite 4 way stretch fabrics?

Sew yourself the ultimate in classic comfort and style with this figure-hugging high-waisted pencil skirt sewing pattern, available in women’s sizes XXS to 5XL.

14. High Waist Pencil Skirt

$10.15 On Sale

Sew yourself the ultimate in classic comfort and style with this figure-hugging high-waisted pencil skirt sewing pattern. With only one yard of fabric, all sizes can make the mid-thigh, low waist skirt. With just a little more fabric you can make the mid-calf skirt! 

Make yourself the perfect finishing touch for your wardrobe with this classic belt sewing pattern. This super quick sew comes in 13 sizes.

15. Classic Belt

$4.25 on sale

This quick and easy to sew pattern makes the perfect accessory to any outfit. Use up your woven fabric scraps to make a unique belt with your favorite fabrics! All belt sizes can be made with just one yard of fabric or less.

16. Basic Underwear

$8.75 on sale

This comfortable underwear pattern fits well and has full bum coverage. There are three rise options, optional elastic and band finishes making it your go-to underwear pattern! Make a couple of pairs of underwear with one yard of fabric! 

17. Strappy Cami

$8.75 On Sale

This simple camisole sewing pattern is a wardrobe staple that is perfect for wearing under other garments or on its own. The plain front option of the cami in sizes 1-10 only requires about one yard of fabric! 

18. Lingerie Shorts

$5.95 On Sale

This is the comfiest and quickest lingerie shorts sewing pattern! Use one yard of fabric to make sizes XXS-3XL and only one and a quarter yards of fabric for sizes 4XL-5XL. 

19.Bun Hat

$3.15 On Sale

This pattern allows you keep your head warm and your hair up. It is fun and functional and features an optional loop for extra detailing. Make this adorable bun hat with only a half yard of fabric!

20. Reversible Wrap Around Belt

$5.95 On sale

This reversible wrap belt sewing pattern is the perfect addition to any outfit. It is a reversible sash that can be tied at the front or back. All sizes of the belt can be made using just 1 yard of fabric and 1yard of lining. 

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From all of us on the RP Team, we hope you absolutely love these one yard sewing patterns!

Be sure to show us your makes in the RP Sewing Group on Facebook! 

Rebecca & the RP Team xoxo

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