Open now… Brand Ambassador Application


Ahhh I’m SO excited to share something we’ve been working on for a while…. We are setting up a brand ambassadors group and applications are open!

It’s a promotion group. The idea is you get free patterns, and then you sew them up and share them!

Details – We’ll pick a range of different people & abilities to be in the group. Every month there will be a choice of 4 patterns (some will be our new ones, some will be existing, some might be more fun/craft things). You have to pick at least one to sew up. You can sew as many as you like, but 1 per month is the minimum. You then take good clear photos of your garment or item, and submit them at the end of the month. There’s no ‘testing’, no muslins, no fit checks. They’ll all be complete patterns that are either already for sale, or have been thoroughly pre-tested and are almost ready for launch. Then once the patterns that month are released, you can share, share, share!

The application is quite long and detailed. We’re genuinely looking for a mix of all abilities & styles/backgrounds so some of the questions may be relevant to you, some might not. If you’re interested, please just fill it in as best you can.

Interested? Yay! Apply here…

Rebecca xoxo

** Please enter a valid email address on the form. We’ll reply back to let everyone know yes or no. Please allow about a week for us to read everyone’s applications and get back to you.

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