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“No-Sew Tutu” Tester Call (newborn to 12 years)

I took my little ones to a fancy dress party recently. My son picked both of their outfits. He ended up going as a dinosaur (more on that in a future pattern release!) and firmly dictated that my daughter definitely HAD to be a fairy. Half a roll of tulle later & a few accessories and she was indeed a fairy.

It was such a quick & easy make. In fact I’ve now made several tulle tutus, including one for her first birthday photoshoot which ended up COVERED in chocolate cake (see below).

However I must admit I really struggled to find a tutorial somewhere which included the measurements for how much tulle I would need. So I worked it all out and made one. It’s going to be a free tutorial but nevertheless I’d still like to see what you all think…

And on that note, who would like to test it?!

Tester call here –

You don’t need any sewing experience (or even a sewing machine). Just some tulle, a ribbon, measuring tape and your scissors.

Best wishes,
Rebecca x

No-Sew Tutu Tester photos

Materials list No sew tutu - covered in chocolate


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