Ágnes Bobák

Agnes Bobak, also known as Patchwitch started quilting in college. Before that she had learnt hand embroidery from her amazingly talented Grandma, and had drawn out patterns from sewing magazines to help her mom in sewing clothes. As she loved all hand craft she became a self taught knitter and crocheter. After becoming a Mom of three beautiful and funny little girls she started to sew kids clothes. At the beginning of this adventure she met some designers who she started to test for. As a quilter she has started to make art quilts and had some exhibitions together with her artist quilter friends 5 years ago. Now she is part of the Rebecca Page Team so she can spend her days with sewing. She also a green-hearted sewista making eco-friendly products. In her free time she loves teaching crafts to her daughters.

Andrew Epperson
The Guy Who Knits

Andrew has been knitting for just over three years. His favorite patterns to knit are colorwork sweater patterns. He loves to learn new things and share it with others. Colorwork is where he truly excels and would love to share his tips with you.

Diane Ugo
Mrs U Makes

My name is Diane and I live in England with my husband and 4 kids. I have been an avid knitter and crocheter for many years and took up designing after making my own phone pouch. I like to design items that look eye catching and have an interesting construction without being unnecessarily complicated.

As well as a designer I also make stitch markers out of polymer clay and semi-precious stones. I have also added polymer clay crochet hooks and buttons to my range. I love making things, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the crafty things that are calling out to me.

Elliot Johnson
John Elliot Knits

My name is Elliot Johnson and I knit visual art tapestries. I was born in West Michigan and was taught to knit from both my grandmother as well as Youtube around age 12. I have hardly stopped since. Despite having been a knitter for roughly half my life, only within the last year did I begin to combine my love for visual art and knitting. I sell my original tapestries on Etsy as well as a select few patterns. I am currently enrolled as an Art History student and hope to pursue a career as a professional artist.

Free Deshields
Black Girl Knit Magic “The Shawl Whisperer”

Hi! My name is Free and many of my friends call me Free because I’m such a free spirit! I’m a Professional Sample Knitter and Fiber Artist. I’ve been knitting for anxiety for 17 years and started making luxury, high-quality pieces for clients in 2019. I’m a US Navy Veteran and I’m a mother to a bright and beautiful 9 year old daughter! Something I LOVE to enjoy!

Ida-Maria Tyyskä

I’m Ida an engineer and knitwear designer living in Lapland, Finland. I love knitting and programming, hence the nickname Knitgrammer. I make interactive gauge free knitting patterns that allow you to take any yarn and make a pair of perfectly fitting mittens or socks of almost any size without swatching.

On my website I also publish knitting calculators such as when to start heel on toe-up socks, how to increase evenly or how to make a french heel turn. My design philosophy is to make simple, useful, and beautiful things. If I make something I (or my kids or husband) don’t enjoy wearing I won’t publish the pattern.

Irina Sheina

My name is Irina, I’ve been a knitter and crocheter since I can remember myself (thanks mom!) and am the maker behind everything that goes on with Knitznpurlz. I would like to confess I don’t like big knitting or crochet projects! I’m “Netflix and knit” kind of girl. I was getting frustrated with counting numerous stitches and trying to figure out complicated patterns. And little by little I started to make my own, the easy to follow ones. That’s how I ended up working with t-shirt yarn. Usually the entire project takes me just a couple of hours to complete. The main idea behind all my patterns is simplicity and originality, (holla!) so you can relax and enjoy the process.

Jen Toll
Jen Toll Knits

I am Jen Toll and my passion is creating with my hands. I love knitting, mending, embroidery, piano, baking, music and mother nature. Growing up in semi-rural Northern California I was surrounded by natural beauty and developed a deep love for nature. I still call it home after fortyhmnmn years, and share my life here with my partner and senior cat and dog, where we run a small sign business and I hand-make all-natural wellness and personal care products. Knitting is my art form. Being able to design beautiful clothing and accessories with fiber from wonderful animals, some needles, and my hands brings me great joy. Developing easy to follow knitting patters for other knitters to enjoy and help them advance their craft so they can also create beautiful things is highly fulfilling. I really don’t like waste. Artistically visibly mending clothing and other items, and turning them into functional artwork thereby keeping them out of landfills is incredibly satisfying.

Music and good food bring joy to my life. Playing lovely tunes on the piano and making delicious foods fills me up, both figuratively and literally! Being able to share my art with others is a true gift. As a knitwear designer, I strive to write patterns that are clear and concise so that your knitting is a truly enjoyable experience, even if you’re learning something new. I believe that we’re all beginners in skills we haven’t tried yet, but if you try it and practice at it, chances are you’ll be comfortable with it quicker than you think.

All knitting is made up of the same few movements, such as knits, purls and yarn overs. True, there are variations to these basics which make up more advanced techniques, but if taken one step at a time, you’ll more than likely find that it’s still somewhat familiar. I hope you’ll push yourself to try something new to you. You never know what your new favorite kind of knitting will be!

Jennifer Dickerson
Fiber Flux

Jennifer Dickerson is a freelance writer, knitting and crochet pattern designer, and all around craft enthusiast. She is behind the Fiber Flux blog, sharing patterns, articles, book and yarn reviews, and tutorials. Jennifer also teaches crochet and knitting techniques via video on the Fiber Flux YouTube channel. Jennifer is the author of Mini Flower Loom Crafts: 18 Super Simple Projects (Taunton Press) and a contributing designer to Arm Knitting (DK/Penguin/Random House). Jennifer regularly contributes to a variety of craft related magazine publications and is an active brand ambassador for several companies in the knitting/crochet industry.

Jennifer Lee
Essentially Knitting

My mum taught me to knit when I was just four years old and I’ve been addicted ever since. After spending 10 years in the medical profession I came across a job ad for a knitting pattern design writer. What a dream to combine my passion with my work! I was lucky enough to get the job and now, 19 years later, I work (if you can call it work!) as a pattern writer and technical editor, as well as an online yarn retailer. I love the creative process and using a simple ball of yarn and a pair of needles to make something gorgeous yet practical.

Jill Wolcott
Jill Wolcott Knits

Jill is trained as a fashion designer with a focus on garment construction and pattern making. She turned to hand knits to be able to create both the fabric and the shape. Jill is always thinking about knitted things and how to guide knitters toward a successful knitting experience. Jill’s classes blend her wealth of knitting knowledge with a sense of humor and fun. Jill taught line development and portfolio development classes, among others, at FIDM, from 2000 to 2016. She was an award-winning faculty member. Fit is critical to Jill’s view of garment design; she teaches grading to knitwear designers and has developed sizing guidelines for industry companies. Jill has her own line of knitting patterns and eBooks. She is co-author, and illustrator, of YNotKnit: Step-by-step instructions for Continental knitting and knitting basics.

Kelly Ladwig
Felted Wool Potholder

Kelli received her BBA from University in North Texas in 1993. She worked in Operations Management in banking for seven years before launching a new career as a full-time mom. Her children have flown the coop. She finds herself a student again, this time at the University of Arkansas, working towards a degree in Art History. She also owns an online luxury yarn business, McKnittey.com.

Kelli began her fiber art career by learning machine sewing at age 12. By high school, she was sewing her clothes, including her prom dress. In college, she sewed her first quilt. Developing her textile skills is a constant source of delight. She worked at a fabric store in high school and college. She worked at a quilt store for two years before her children started college. While there, she began teaching beginning sewing and quilting classes for adults and children. She has continued teaching knitting, crochet, quilting, embroidery, and multi-craftual classes including teaching at the Dallas Fiber Festival.

Kelli has a passion for passing on handicrafts to the next generation. Not only to preserve the knowledge but also to allow girls and boys to develop their safe place. For her, the fiber arts are her safe place. Many emotions and thoughts are processed while she stitches away. Kelli is very excited about teaching classes at Rebecca Page and continuing her textile journey.

Kelly McClure
Boho Knits

Hello from Kelly McClure of Bohoknits! I design knitting patterns from a country homestead in Prince Edward County, Ontario (Canada). Sometimes, I also dye yarn and make cute stitch markers. My mother taught me to knit when I was a wee little thing and I taught myself to crochet in university. Bohoknits originated in a camper van while traveling across Canada on a three month journey. Since I had no access to patterns, I began to create my own. Now, my designs have appeared in stores all across North America and I have also taught knitting in Nepal! I have knit my way from the east coast to the west coast of Canada and if living in the chilliest parts has taught me anything, it’s how to stay warm! When I’m not thinking about yarn, I’m drinking tea, treasure hunting or walking in the woods with my dog, Lois, and little boy, Cameron.

Kunbi Ayo-Okanlawon
Handmade by Kunbi

Kunbi started knitting and crocheting at the age of 8 and although she abandoned both crafts from her late teens until well into her 30s, she pretty much hit the ground running when she decided to pick up her knitting needles and crochet hooks again. Kunbi enjoys creating fun patterns and designs that makers would love to make and wear, whether they are beginners or seasoned knitters/crocheters. Kunbi’s designs are always well thought through with the modern knitter/crocheter in mind and each finished piece is bound to stand out.

Liz Murphy
Resilient Knitting

I’m a knitter of 15 years, a recovering yarn slob, and the author behind Resilient Knitter. I believe your yarn stash should bring you joy, not stress.  That’s why I teach solutions and strategies that make it simple and easy for you to take control of your stash + use it + get the joy back in your knitting life. Join my mailing list and as a bonus, you’ll get the free guide: Overwhelmed to organized in 5 easy steps. It’s the best way to organize your yarn stash – even if you don’t know where to start!

Marie Greene
Olive Knits

Marie Greene is the founder of Olive Knits and the Knit Camp App. She’s also the best selling author of Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks, Knit Shawls & Wraps in 1 Week and Knit a Little. Her renegade knitting techniques, engaging advice, and clever approach to seamless knitting have earned her a community of knitting fans around the world. No matter your skill level, you’ll come away with game-changing tricks for knitting better sweaters – and have unmatched support along the way. Learning with Marie is like learning from a trusted friend. Marie lives in Salem, Oregon with her husband, sons and two aloof cats.

Nina Ellis
NinEl Designs

My name is Nina, and I’m the proud owner of NinElDesign. I call Blackpool, United Kingdom, my home. I come from a long line of talented knitters and crocheters, starting with my great-grandmum. Knitting, crocheting, and sewing have been my main hobbies since I was a child. I opened my online shop because I wanted to expand and create beautiful clothing and accessories for other people as well as share my designs to allow other people to make it too. My shop allows me to share my passion for knitting & crochet work with people all over the world. I’m dedicated to creating my own brand so that I can provide my customers with high quality service and goods. My designs are elegant, fashionable, and cozy – something you can snuggle up in while still looking stylish. All of them are unique and created by me. I love to design my own, unique apparel and home decor as well, and I draw a lot of inspiration from art and painting. I really enjoy working with high-end fabrics and yarn to create one-of-a-kind pieces. My business is constantly growing, as I’m inspired to bring new and exciting products to my customers.

Priscilla Webb
Cillas Purls

Hello! My name is Cilla Webb and I design knitting patterns. I was born and raised in Belgium where I was taught how to knit by my mum. I currently live in the United Kingdom with my husband, two amazing boys, cat and dog! Our house can get really hectic at times. I have published 3 printed books and numerous patterns in knitting magazines. I also self publish a lot of my patterns on Ravelry, Etsy and Lovecrafts. I work as a teacher of the deaf in a local primary school, which is both challenging and rewarding. Knitting is my hobby. It keeps me focussed and helps me wind down after a busy day.

Rachel Borello Carroll

Rachel is a pattern designer with a focus on knitted and crocheted toys. She started crocheting as a child and knitting in college. She has been designing stuffed toys since 2008 and her work has been featured in books and magazines worldwide. Her brand, Yarnigans, is known for high-quality stuffed toy patterns. Rachel enjoys all types of crafting and has dabbled in many different mediums in addition to the fiber arts. She lives and knits on the eastern shore of Maryland, USA.

Randie Dodman
Madly Making

I started sewing and crafting when I was 5, sitting on the floor beside my mom and grandmother, sewing fabric scraps around my Barbie dolls. I graduated to buttons, and then the sewing machine. By the time Home Ec rolled around in grade 8, I had a level of proficiency that allowed me to make something more advanced than boxer shorts or a pillow case. Over the years, my sewing machine has been well used, or collecting dust, just depending on where I’m at in life. Sometimes my kitchen distracts me. I love all kinds of crafting. I knit, and crochet, make stuff. All stuff. And I love it!

Savannah Tolbert
Cozy by Savvy

Hi everyone, my name is Savannah. I’ve been loom knitting for a while and experimenting a little with hat patterns. I’ve also learned how to needle knit and crochet in more recent years. For me, needle arts has been a therapeutic escape from my anxiety during my adolescence. Having an Etsy shop really helps keep me motivated to create new items. If you try my pattern I hope you enjoy making it and like the finished look.

Shaina Mack
Rebecca Page

Shaina Mack has been passionate about sewing since childhood and was inspired by the beautiful dresses and costumes her Grandmother would make. She learned how to sew from many different classes, blogs, and books. She is passionate about teaching others how to sew and sharing her love for sewing with the world. Shaina works as a Content Creator for Rebecca Page where she creates marketing and social media content and ultimately gets to live out her passion. When she’s not working, she’s playing with her goofy Airedale Terrier, watching nerdy TV shows with her husband, or making clothing for her own handmade wardrobe.

Tracy Henwood
Knit Spin Weave

Tracy is the owner and teacher at Knit Spin Weave in Clare, South Australia. Tracy taught in schools for many years in the remote Northern Territory where she met her husband Peter. Now a mum of seven Tracy says her making is her sanity. As someone who battles anxiety and depression, she uses her creativity to help keep mentally healthy. Tracy is passionate about passing on fibre crafts to the next generation of makers and helping others extend their skills.

Vanessa Cayton
The Knitting Niche

I am a knit designer. I majored in fiber arts in college and then owned a knitting store for 6 years until having my 3 children. I now work from home and teach classes and write knitting patterns.

Vicki Troemel
VG Creations

Hi everyone!  My name is Vicki with VG Creations.  I am a multi crafter, I love to do lots of different crafts using different mediums.  Today I am going to show you one of my favorites, Knitting!  I have been knitting for a long time (can put in number if you want) and I love to share how to knit.  My class is going to introduce you to knitting.  I will show you the basic stitches, show you different knitting needles, how to read a pattern, and different yarns.  If you have never knit before, I will get you started! 

Victoria Martinez Azaro
La Creative Mama

Victoria Martinez Azaro is the author and creator of La Creative Mama, a blog dedicated to inspire women to have fun and unleash their creativity through natural dyes and creative sewing. Victoria also works as a Fashion Sustainability Lecturer in New Zealand and leads her own community programmes based on craft sustainability, natural dyeing  and fabric waste minimization.