Knit the Look: A Promising Young Woman

Knit the Look:

A Promising Young Woman

Knit the Look:

A Promising Young Woman

Image from FF2 Media Promising Young Woman

Knitting is a sporadic hobby for me, usually centered around the arrival of a newborn baby. I like the fast-paced nature of whipping up something tiny and cute that can be appreciated by new parents! I figure this is why my current knitting project is the first thing I have made for myself in over 20 years (GULP!).

I was inspired by the jumpers Carey Mulligan wore in her recent film ‘A Promising Young Woman’. There were several pink and contrast combos, which conjured up fond memories of springtime blossoms in London and cotton candy.

My knitting ability is restricted to the basics – casting on/off, ribbing, garter stitch, stockinette stitch, and some simple patterning templates. The first step was to find a pattern that aligned with my capability! Using Google for this kind of search can waste lots of time, so I asked the question in the RP Learn – Yarn Arts Facebook Group. I quickly had a list of helpful suggestions, including ‘Painting Bricks’ and ‘Honeycomb’ patterns. I did buy a Painting Bricks pattern, but after starting at the neck with a huge circular needle, I knew I wasn’t ready for it.

I decided to use a simple DK crew neck sweater pattern to hack into something that would give me the overall effect I was looking for. I found current patterns are often complex, so I used this basic vintage pattern. There is no copyright after 25 years so it’s shared here.

Knitting Pattern

A simple pattern is easy to adapt to what you are looking to achieve – I reduced the length of the ribbing around the middle, made it longer, and the sleeves shorter. Then using graph paper, I made up a simple pattern for the white blocking.

I used West Yorkshire Spinners DK yarn – the same yarn in the Rebecca Page Beanie Kits. Knitting takes a long time, so think it’s worth using quality yarn for a great look and feel.

When I finished knitting this sweater, I could see that there was plenty of room for improvement! If you attended the 2021 Knitting Summit this week, then I’m sure you learned lots of new Knitting skills! I know I did! I’m planning to watch a lot of the technique videos again with my VIP All Access Pass.

If you missed the 2021 Knitting Summit, you can still purchase the VIP All Access Pass which gives you access to watch over 35+ knitting classes from industry experts and download 25+ PDF knitting patterns from the summit. The best part? You can watch the classes and download the patterns all year long because the pass lasts for an entire year! 

VIP All Access Knitting Pass

If you make this sweater, I’d LOVE to see it! Be sure to join the RP Yarn Arts Facebook Group and share your photos! You can also share your photos on Instagram by tagging #rebeccapage. Happy Knitting!

Janine xoxo

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