IKEA Hack Table Tent Playhouse

IKEA Hack: Table Tent Playhouse

IKEA Hack:

Table Tent Playhouse

Transform your kitchen table into a fabulous playhouse (the ultimate blanket fort) with our new Table Tent Sewing Pattern! The finished Table Tent will have the kids playing all day and never wanting to leave!
Table Tent Pattern
I designed the Table Tent sewing pattern to fit over my IKEA Melltorp kitchen table. In the pattern instructions, I teach you how to make the table tent to fit a four-person IKEA Melltorp table and also how to make the Table Tent for any sized table. You don’t have to have amazing sewing skills to make this Table Tent pattern. The sewing pattern also comes with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for sewing machine beginners. If you prefer hand sewing, you could make the entire thing by hand and use applique adhesive to bring life to the tent! Plus, I’ll also be launching a FREE Sew Along for this Table Tent pattern so you can sew along with me while I make this pattern and learn extra sewing tips and tricks as you go! The Table Tent pattern is the ultimate beginner-friendly introduction to sewing!
Plus, you get to decide the level of customization you want to have for your Table Tent playhouse. You can go all out like I did, adding fun little details tailored to your child’s interest or sew a plain table tent with four walls and a door. If you love a good IKEA Hack then you’ll love this transformational project. Simply start with this IKEA Melltorp table, sew the Table Tent, place the Table Tent on top of your table, and bam you have an instant playhouse!
Leave your Table Tent playhouse up every day of the year, or simply remove the Table Tent and fold it up and store it like you would a table cloth. The sewing pattern launches on Wednesday, June 23, 2021! Be sure to use the hashtag #rptabletent to share your lovely makes on Instagram, social media and in our Facebook Sewing Group!
Table Tent Pattern

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