How to Wear the Racerback Bralette

Whip up your new go-to everyday-fave bralette with the comfy and versatile Racerback Bra Sewing Pattern in sizes 28AA to 48M.

How to Wear the Racerback Bralette

How to Wear the Racerback Bralette

It’s no surprise that our new Racerback Bralette sewing pattern is so popular right now! You just can’t beat the comfort of wearing a wire-free bralette all day, every day!

Our new Racerback Bralette sewing pattern gives you infinite possibilities for designing the bralette of your dreams while giving you that comfortable, perfect fit. My favorite part of our Racerback Bralette sewing pattern is that it comes in sizes 28AA-48M so there is a Bralette for everyone! 

Maybe you’ve already jumped on the Racerback Bralette sewing train, but you aren’t sure how to wear it or style it. I’ve put together this quick little How to Wear Racerback Bralette guide to show you a few fun ways to wear the bralette and to inspire you to start sewing one!

Whip up your new go-to everyday-fave bralette with the comfy and versatile Racerback Bra Sewing Pattern in sizes 28AA to 48M.
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Racerback Bralette & Basic Underwear

First things first, you can always pair your Racerback Bralette with a pair of our oh-so-comfortable Basic Underwear to make yourself the perfect set! Wear your Bralette and Basic Underwear Bundle  under all of your favorite handmade clothes! 

Sew up your new comfy go-to everyday matching underwear set with the versatile two-piece bra and undies sewing patterns.
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Everyday Bralette & Tee

You can’t go wrong with an everyday look like this Bralette and T-Shirt combination. Enjoy the comfort of wearing a wire-free bralette, beautiful handmade jeans like our Jo Jeans, and a classic T-Shirt from our T-Shirt Dress and Top pattern. Pair your everyday look with a pair of cute ankle boots and sunglasses. 

For an edgy take on this everyday bralette look, try wearing your bralette on the outside of your T-Shirt. It might sound crazy, but I’ve seen this look popping up all over the place lately, and it’s a fun way to show off all of the love you put into designing and sewing your Racerback Bralette!

Bralette Adventure

Make a stunning animal print bralette and pair it with a classic white Madison Blouse and a Hayley High Low skirt in a vibrant color. Be adventurous with this look, by letting your Racerback Bralette peek out of a button-down blouse instead of that tired old cami you’ve worn to death. 

Grab your favorite fedora and white trainers for a look that is stylish as well as comfortable! 

Around the Town Bralette

This next look is an Around the Town classic that you won’t want to stop wearing. Pair your Racerback Bralette with a pair of comfortable neutral Culottes from our Culottes sewing pattern and a unique lace Bomber Jacket from our Bomber Jacket pattern

Throw on some cute shoes and bracelets and you have a cute look that is perfect for everywhere you go! 

School Run Bralette

Tired of your normal school run look? Mix things up and wear this cute School Run Bralette look to drop off the kids. Show off your lacy Racerback Bralette with an off-the-shoulder Olivia Top and a Peggy Pencil Skirt. Paired with some cute trainers and gold jewelry you’re guaranteed to be the most stylish mom at school!

Stay at Home Chic Bralette

Stay at home in style with this chic bralette look featuring the Racerback Bralette sewing pattern, your favorite Relaxation RobeLingerie Shorts, and a Cozy Headband. Who says staying at home can’t be stylish as well as comfortable!

Still not sure what to wear? Pick up our perfectly curated Racerback Bralette Lounge Bundle which comes with some of my favorite patterns! The bundle includes the Racerback BraletteCulottes, and Circle Cardie all for a special discounted price!

Get ready for the ultimate in relaxation with the most comfortable loungewear set ever! Sew up your bralette, culottes, and cardie for stylish lounging!

If you managed to get to the end of this blog and you still aren’t sure the Racerback Bralette is for you, pick up our Ultimate Bra Bundle of sewing patterns which includes three different styles of bra sewing patterns at a discounted price. Made for sizes 28AA-48M, there truly is a bra for everyone!

Happy sewing and don’t forget to show me how you style your Racerback Bralette on Instagram using the #rpracerbackbralette or by joining all of the fun in our Facebook Sewing group

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3 thoughts on “How to Wear the Racerback Bralette

  1. Bethany Thompson says:

    Rebecca, I am looking at this pattern longingly. I struggle with wearing bras because I find them claustrophobic and I am down to wearing cotton sports bras because of an allergy to polyester and a horrible reaction to other synthetic fabrics. Is it possible to make this bralette in a cotton knit or other cotton fabric?

    • Crystal says:

      Thank you for your question! You’ll need a stretch/knit fabric- preferably a medium weight fabric. It should have 4 way stretch and at least 30% stretch for the intended fit (but do make sure the stretch recovery is good so the bra does not become baggy).

      Suggestions for fabric are: jersey, silk satin with elastine, silk jersey with elastine, liverpool, double brushed polyester, modal, etc.

      Hope this helps!

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