HACK: Quiet Book Sewing Room

Quiet Book Sewing Room Hack

Does your little one love hanging out with you in your sewing room? This is a wonderfully simple hack you can use on your Quiet Book! It is simple and easy and such a cute addition to a fun project!

You need just a few pieces:
1x – room with batting
2x – end table pieces from living room or bedroom
1x – rectangle 15 x 4 inches, cut on the bias
1x – Sewing Machine hack piece, available to download below (or wherever!)
1x – scrap of fabric

First prep your sewing room just as usual, basting the batting to the room fabric. Then lay out the desk and machine where you’d like them in the room.

Pin down the end table pieces and table top.

TIP – It can be helpful to pin down the sewing machine up and out of the way while you’re sewing the table.

Stitch around the table. Don’t forget to add details to the end tables if you want them!

Place the sewing machine back on top of the table, or flip it back down if you just pinned it out of the way. Place the scrap of fabric under the needle and pin in place. This scrap can be anything you want! A literal piece of scrap from your pile, something you cut to look like a shirt or pants or quilt, whatever makes you happy!

Sew around the sewing machine, maneuvering the scrap out of the way as needed, so it is only stitched down under the sewing machine needle area.

Have fun with the rest of the room! Stitch on a spool of thread or a foot pedal. Add a puppy sleeping under the table. Whatever makes the room your own.

Be sure to check out the Dolls House Quiet Book Sew Along to watch it get sewn up! And have fun creating with the Dolls House Quiet Book and Add-on pack!

6 thoughts on “HACK: Quiet Book Sewing Room

  1. Carrie Miller says:

    Thank you so much. I’m enjoying this creative activity. I am in the process of making 3 of them. I have chose to include adding all rooms.

  2. Jenny Duff says:

    I am really enjoying making this book for my new granddaughter and plan another for another grandchild due in July. I have finished the front page and it looks great. Just deciding what to do on the back.
    I have found some beautiful fabric with a forest design with little animals ,and thought I might add a page . Have you any ideas ,I thought maybe a tree and some animals. Can’t wait to finish
    Jenny (Australia)

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