HACK: Laura Keyhole Neckline

Follow along the Laura Sew Along for hacks and awesome sewing, plus use this cool pattern piece for a fun keyhole hack. The Laura is available in XXS to 5XL

Welcome to the Laura Sew Along keyhole hack

The Laura is such a beautiful garment. Its cocoon shape, slight sleeves, walking vent. There is little I would do to change this gorgeous dress. But at the same time, I am a big lover of neckline designs, mainly a keyhole.

Keyholes help to elevate a neckline in a number of ways. It widens it ever so slightly, which enables a dress like the Laura which has no zipper or button closures to pull over my head a little easier. It also gives the neckline area a little detail which makes me happy. I’m all about the details.

So without further ado, I present to you the cut out file which you can download for this keyhole hack. This works equally for the A4 as well as US letter format. For instructions on how to use the cutout template, please watch Video 3 of the Laura Sew Along series on the Rebecca Page YouTube channel.

Happy sewing along,


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