Our lovely sponsors!

Have you seen our Great Big Sewing Giveaway? We’ve got some amazing sponsors, and this post is all¬†about giving them some love!

On behalf of me & the Mummykins team, a huge thank you to each of our sponsors. You’ve been so generous & we’re super excited to see who wins it all.

Check them out below. There’s a link to each of their stores so you can do some virtual shopping and see what you’d pick if you won!


Rebecca xoxo


Some of my very fav designers have donated patterns for the winner:

Pollywoggles (1 PDF pattern of choice),¬†Izzy & Ivy Designs (1 PDF pattern of choice),¬†Striped Swallow Designs (1 PDF pattern of choice),¬†Bobkin Designs (2 PDF patterns of choice),¬†Peach Patterns (1 PDF pattern of choice),¬†The Wolf and the Tree (2 PDF patterns of choice),¬†StitchART (1 PDF pattern of choice),¬†Sofilantjes Patterns (2 PDF patterns of choice),¬†Bella Sunshine Designs (2 PDF patterns of choice),¬†Designs by Call Ajaire (1 PDF pattern of choice),¬†Handmaiden’s Cottage (1 PDF pattern of choice),¬†PUPERITA (1 PDF pattern of choice),¬†Serger Pepper Designs (2 PDF patterns of choice),¬†AimerLae & Finn (2 PDF patterns of choice),¬†Titchy Threads (2 PDF patterns of choice), ¬†Sunday Girl Designs (2 PDF patterns of choice), Tie Dye Diva Patterns (1 PDF pattern of choice), Goober Pea Designs (1 PDF pattern of choice) and¬†Twig + Tale (1 PDF pattern of choice).

PLUS these gorgeous stores have also donated a fabric gift card each!

Frollein S LLC ($50 USD store credit), BerryPosh Custom Designs ($25 USD store credit), Rumpled Stitching (1 yard of fabric) and Orinoco Designs Custom Knit Fabric ($30 AUS store credit), Raspberry Creek Fabrics ($50 USD store credit) and Meter Rabbit (£100 GBP store credit)!


* Fabric prizes are in local currency to the supplier and do not include postage. Each entrant may only enter once, however an additional 10 entries may be earned by sharing your referral¬†link (shown on screen after you’ve entered and emailed to you). An additional 10 entries can be earned per person who enters on your referral¬†link).¬†Winner drawn at random from all entries via the King Sumo app on WordPress. Every entrant will receive a link to download a free copy of the Woven Headband pattern. Winner notified on email and announced in the Mummykins & Me newsletter and Facebook group.¬†By entering you are joining the Mummykins & Me mailing list. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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