February 2020 Blog Tour

Join us on our first blog tour of 2020! Working out with Rebecca Page is all about our workout gear patterns how versatile, practical, and comfy they are.

The first blog tour of 2020 is about to get going and it’s all about workout gear!

All the RP patterns you’re about to discover are simply perfect for hitting the gym/ going for a run/ joining a yoga class/ getting fit and having fun/ cooling down. And just as perfect for working out your sewing foot, or toning your TV binge-watching muscles.

These patterns have been designed with physical activity in mind, but are all deliciously comfy for lounging and sleeping too.

Grab your energy-pumping tunes, have a quick stretch, and let’s go touring!

Workin gOut with Rebecca Page Blog Tour

Be sure to check out all the bloggers Working Out with Rebecca Page:

Monday 24 – Sarcastic Sewist

Tuesday 25 – Sew Much Charm, Sequoia Lynn Sews, Modestly Dolled Up

Wednesday 26 – The Graham Crafter, La Casa Cactus

Thursday 27 – Sewing and the Trivium, Patchwitch

Friday 28 – Blooming Skies

Saturday 29 – Let’s Go Hobby, Just Sew Something

Sunday 1 – D’coudre, Patchwork and Pastry

Plus, enter to win a prize! Daily drawings and one big winner at the end of the week!! Enter HERE ?

2 thoughts on “February 2020 Blog Tour

  1. Jenny Gomez says:

    I’ve been stalking the sports bra for a while. Seeing other endowed women wearing it is definitely moving it up my sew list

  2. Diane says:

    Sarcastic Sewist looks great in her Lily and Josephine. I have some of the yoga stretch she used so now considering trying the Lily for myself.

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