Bias Tape Tutorial (Single and Double)

DIY Bias Tape Tutorial shows you how to make bias tape (also called Bias Binding). It’s incredibly useful for sewing projects…. But what’s even more useful is being able to make it yourself!

So many patterns, especially childrens (boys, girls, baby) use bias binding to cover raw edges and give a cute finish. Being able to make your own bias tape means firstly you can save money on buying it, and secondly that you can make it in any matching (or contrasting!) fabric you like. DIY bias binding means you can make as much as you like. Use pretty patterns, bold colours. It’s up to you. Super fast and really easy, this tutorial is for everyone from novice sewer upwards.

Learn what the bias is, how to cut strips on it, how to stitch multiple strips together, and then how to fold it so it’s ready to use. The tutorial covers both “Single Fold” and “Double Fold” bias tape/binding.

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