Brand new fantasy felt wings pattern!


This new fantasy felt wings pattern is  super duper easy to make and has such an impact! Plus you can customize them to make almost any real or fantasy winged creature you can imagine ❤

Felt Wings Sewing Pattern

There are three sizes included: the small is great for children under 2, the medium works for most children 2-6 years and the large should fit most children 6-12 years. There are also cutting instructions how to make them to fit your model…. Which means custom wings for any age from baby to adult!

There are 4 feather shapes so you can make almost any winged creature you fancy! ……. Think bird, parrot, hawk or even a dragon, hippogriff, pegasus, thunderbird or winged unicorn! It’s a magical adventure for boys and girls.

The feathers come in 3 sizes (small, medium and large like the wing shapes). Any of the feather and wing sizes can be mix and matched. So you could use lots of small feathers on a large wing for more of a ‘scales’ type look. Or you could even mix and match the sizes and do a gradient from large at the base up to small near the arm. It’s totally up to you!

Grab them today and get creative!



Can’t wait to see what you make with this gorgeous bit of cuteness!


Happy sewing,

Rebecca & Team Page xoxo


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