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Sew Along

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Doll’s House Quiet Book sew along. I’m so glad you have chosen to join us.

I’m Lerinda and I’m honored to be here as a guest blogger for the sew along using Rebecca Page’s Doll House Quiet Book Pattern and Tutorial plus the Add On patterns. If you haven’t yet, get yourself these patterns!

I hope this sew along will inspire your creativity and, maybe, get you out of your comfort zone.

Before we take any further steps, join the Rebecca Page Sewing group on Facebook, then RSVP to the sew along event. This way you can post any questions you might have where I will be checking regularly throughout the week. Plus you’ll be joining a wonderful community of friendly sewistas.

The doll’s house quiet book is an easy pattern to follow. It has sew many options that each book is uniquely its own. That’s one of my favorite parts about making them. The other favorite part is that the doll house book is great for using up left over scraps you may have lying around, therefore, making it even more amazing as you don’t need to spend a lot of money on supplies.

Let’s Get Started with Day One! (17 July 2018)

Today we will be looking through the patterns to choose which pages and options we’d like to create. Then we’ll begin printing our pages and gathering supplies.

I like to read through the pattern entirely to become familiar with the pattern pieces, suggested  materials, and the instructions for assembling each page.

Suggested Materials

  • fabric
  • batting
  • trims
  • ribbons
  • buttons

BUT don’t let this short list hinder your creativity!Doll's House Sew AlongMy Pages and Dollies

I have chosen to do the living room and swimming hole from the original pattern, the kitchen and garden from the add on pattern, and a dolly from each. Today I will print the pattern pages I need for each corresponding house page.

Page six of the original pattern and page five from the add on have charts telling us which pages we will need for specific pieces. As I am making the kitty dolly, the living room, and the swimming hole from the original, I only need to print pages 34, 35, 46-48, 49, 54, and 55. Do make sure to check what size paper you’re using (A4 or US Letter) in case the pages you need vary.

Pretty easy huh? There is no wasted ink or paper because of these neat little printing charts.

sew alongNow that I have all my pattern pages printed, I will begin taping the pages together. To do this, you simply line up the circles on each page until they match and then, as there is no trimming necessary, tape ’em together. We want to cut out all our pieces for each room now and remember you can also make straps for your play book to make it easier for little ones to carry it around.

I use labeled sandwich baggies for keeping everything sorted.

sew alongsew along

Choosing Fabric

Once you have all your pages printed and your pieces cut out, you are ready to pick your fabrics. I like to focus on one room at a time, picking the main fabric for my background and working from there with all my tiny pieces to help balance the colors. This is also a good time to see which pieces will need batting or interfacing. The below photo shows the fabrics I have picked for my swimming hole pieces.

sew along

Now that our pattern pieces are ready, and we’ve started picking fabric, we are ready for day two!

Stay tuned! 🙂

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