Doll’s House Quiet Book Sew Along | Day Two

Doll's House Sew Along Day 2

Welcome to day two of our Doll’s House Quiet Book Sew Along!

Today we are jumping into prepping our doll’s house pages!

Yesterday we became familiar with the pattern, printed and cut our paper pattern pieces, and hopefully didn’t stress ourselves out making our fabric choices! I did the first time I made a doll’s house quiet book; it took me ages to finish!

Because there are a lot of pieces for each page, I find that focusing on the individual pages helps me to feel less overwhelmed with all the tiny pattern pieces. Yesterday we picked the fabrics for our rooms and now we will be cutting the fabric versions of our paper pieces.

The below photo is what I will need for the swimming hole page.

Doll's HouseToday we will also apply interfacing to any and all pieces that require it. I like to use HeatnBond on the pieces that will go directly down on fabric and interfacing on the pieces that will be sewn together, such as the pond pieces 2 and 3, which are sewn right sides together and turned.

doll's house
Bottom is interfacing and top is HeatnBond

In addition to cutting out all of our fabric pieces and interfacing those that need it, we will add felt or batting to the back of each main page and make the straps. The felt or batting gives us a quilted, soft-yet-sturdy feel to our doll’s house book.

The instructions for sewing the batting on is step 2.2 of the original pattern. I like to use thinner batting or felt so the book is less bulky in the sewing machine later when we turn and topstitch our pages together.

doll's house


The straps are a great way for your little one to carry their doll’s house book around with them. To create the straps we will cut the fabric using the cut chart found on page nine of the original pattern or using the printed pattern piece again from the original pattern. We will fold the long rectangles right sides together and sew down the long raw side ONLY. After we have sewn this, we will turn and topstitch down both long sides. We will set these aside until day seven of the sew along.doll's house

Here are some examples of a few of the fabric pieces I’m using for my pages:doll's house

Now that we have completely cut our fabric pieces and prepped our pages and straps, we are ready for day three.

Tomorrow we will be making our first page and dolly.

See you soon!

PS: don’t forget to join the Rebecca Page Sewing Facebook group and then add yourself to the event so you can ask any questions you may have on the forum I’ll be checking daily during the sew along.

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