Doll’s House Quiet Book Sew Along | Day Six

Doll's House Quiet Book Sew Along

Welcome back! It’s Day Six  of our doll house quiet book sew along and today we are making our last page!

Today’s page is the comfy, cozy living room. Let’s jump right in.

The Couch:

We will start by sewing our comfy couch cushion to the page approximately two inches from the bottom of our background page per step 6.1 on page 21 of the original pattern. Little details, such as buttons or decorative stitching, can be added to create a unique look! Once your cushion is sewn onto the background, we can add the couch frame.

Doll's House Sew Along

We will pin the frame to slightly overlap the couch cushion. Stitching slowly around the curves and pivoting the fabric with the needle down is important for creating a smooth appearance. But don’t stress if it looks a little wonky!

The End Table:

Now, we will position our end table and sew it per step 5.2 of the original instructions.  I line my end table up to match the bottom of the couch frame. We will sew our end table door according to the new door instructions of the add on pattern, much like we sewed the oven door in yesterday’s blog. I like to add little touches such as “books” inside the end table. I simply sew little rectangles of fabric in varying colors and heights inside.

Doll's House Sew Along

The Window:

Every living room needs a big, beautiful window to let light in and we will be following step 6.3 of the original pattern to add the window in our living room. I’m placing mine over the couch, but you can place it anywhere. The window will be sewn directly on to the page.

To create the curtains, we will use the curtain pattern piece and sew a gathering stitch along the top of each curtain. These will be gathered a little and sewn on either end of the window piece, matching raw sides. I like to use a piece of lace trim to create a valance over my curtains and window.

Doll's House Sew Along

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions for the ribbon shower curtain rod from the add on pattern to create a curtain rod and the shower curtain directions to create movable curtains for your window.

The Telephone:

On top of our end table, we will be adding a telephone because our dollies don’t have cell phones yet. Step 6.4 shows us how to create our phone.

We will begin by sewing our phone receiver pieces wrong sides together with a ribbon sandwiched between one end of the receiver. Now we will sew the phone base onto the top of the end table with the other end of the ribbon from the receiver sewn in between the base and background page. A fun little button stitch on the phone base creates the perfect touch for a rotary dial phone!

Doll's House Quiet Book Sew Along

These are the basics for the living room and I find it fun to add extras. I’m using the lamp shade from the original pattern and the corn stalk from the add on to create a potted plant. Isn’t that neat?

Doll's House Sew Along

I also am adding some “pictures” and a light to my living room that isn’t in the pattern. I used the inside of the original door frame to cut the pictures and I found some fun chandelier fabric that I fussy cut around to create a little hanging light from my ceiling. There are just so many extras you can create for your pages using pieces from either pattern and a little bit of creativity.

Doll's House Sew Along

Doll's House Sew Along

Now we have completed Day Six  and all of our pages.

Doll's House Sew AlongTomorrow we will be assembling our pages all together in book form. How exciting!

PS: get your hands on the Doll’s House patterns here: DOLLS HOUSE | ADD ON | BUNDLE

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