Doll’s House Quiet Book Sew Along | Day Four


Welcome back to the Doll’s House Quiet Book Sew Along! I’m loving every second of it!

Day Four: Page Two

Day four begins with assembling our second page. Today’s second page for me is the garden! The garden is part of the add on for the quiet book, so we will be referring to the add on pattern for today’s post.

If you didn’t choose to make pages from the add on, that’s perfectly okay. You’ll simply refer to the page numbers in the original pattern that correspond with the room you are creating today!

We will begin with step 7 of the add on pattern, which starts on page 36. Our first step is to sew our main garden “plot” on to our page. You want to make sure you have at least 1 inch of space between the bottom of the page and the bottom of the plot piece. sewOur next step is the make our plot pocket. We’ll take our two pocket pieces and sew them according to steps 7.2 and 7.3, RST leaving a turning hole. I like to trim the corners to reduce a little bulk before I turn and topstitch along the top only. We will then sew the plot pockets onto the main plot along the bottom edge, only sewing the short sides and long bottom side.  sewNow we’ll add our garden plot trims beginning with the long rectangle pieces on the corresponding long sides and then the short rectangle pieces on the short sides overlapping the long sides.


I’m making two garden plots because I like gardens, but feel free to only make one! Once our garden plots are completed, we can begin making our crops! There is no right or wrong amount or type of plant for your garden. You can make this into a flower garden using step 4 (page 16) of the original doll house pattern or a veggie garden so your little ones can harvest food for the kitchen. Be as creative as you please. I’ll be making extra veggies to have for my kitchen page.


We will follow steps 7.6-7.16 to make corn stalks. I like to lay my corn stalks out on the plots to position them before I sew them down. Because these pieces are so curvy, I highly suggest using HeatnBond to hold them in place, and definitely sew slowly, pivoting the fabric with the needle in the down position to accommodate all the curvy leaves. sew

Once the corn stalks have been stitched in place, we will make the corn husks. These are sewn RST, turned and topstitched along the top edge only. We then pair a left and right husk, overlapping to form a tulip shape. Pin the husks on the corn stalks where they look best, and then we will stitch these down around the outside edges leaving the top open to create a pocket for the ear of corn.


Now we will make the ears of corn. To achieve the corn kernels, we will stitch lines from the top to bottom of each  corn piece, and then from left to right. It may seem daunting, but this technique makes boring plain pieces look like real corn! The last step is to sew the corn pieces RST, turn out and topstitch closing up the turn hole. I suggest using a dowel or chopstick to push all the seams


The next veggie we will sew is the carrot since they are similar to the corn. We’ll refer to steps 7.17-7.19 of the pattern to make them. To achieve the grooved look real carrots have, we will sew lines from the raw edges inward. Once the desired “grooves” have been sewn, we will stitch RST leaving a turn hole at the top. After we have turned, we will slip a few green ribbons into the turn hole at the top of the carrot and top stitch all around the carrot edges to close the turn hole. sew


The last veggies I’m going to make are potatoes. You sew the potatoes together in the same manner as the ears of corn and carrots, RST, turn and topstitch closing the turning hole. Instead of the decorative top stitching used for the other two veggies, you can use French knots to make “eyes” on your potatoes. I used a lovely fabric that has darker brown spots instead to achieve my potato “eyes.” sewVoila! We have finished assembling our second page.



The only thing left to do for today is to “plant” our garden! Hope you have had a blast during today’s sew along.

Stay tuned for day 5; we will be assembling page 3!

PS: get your hands on the Doll’s House patterns here: DOLLS HOUSE | ADD ON | BUNDLE

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