Doll’s House Quiet Book Sew Along | Day Three

Quiet Book

Hello again, and welcome to day 3 of the Doll House Quiet Book sew along!

Today we will begin by assembling our first page and making one of our dollies. I’m choosing to do the kitty dolly, and the swimming hole as page one.

Let’s Get Started!

Page 2 of the original pattern tells us where to find the sewing instructions. We will jump straight to page 27 on the original pattern for the swimming hole instructions.


Step 8.1 instructs us to sew our fish wrong sides together with approximately 8 inches of ribbon sandwiched between the layers. We will sew all of our fish and set them aside for now.



The Pond:

Next, as I used HeatnBond, I will iron my main pond piece to the background fabric. Then I will topstitch around the entire pond piece. If you did not use HeatnBond, you will simply pin and sew the main pond piece onto the fabric. Be sure to leave at least an inch of space between the bottom of your background page and the bottom of your pond to allow for turning the page later.QuietOnce this is sewn, we will set it aside for a moment while we sew both pond pieces 2 right sides together (RST). We will then repeat with both pond pieces 3 as per step 8.2 of the original pattern. After we have stitched these right sides together, we will clip the curves, turn the pond pieces right sides out, and topstitch along the top edge only.

Now, we position our fish ribbons where we would like them along the bottom edge of the main pond. We will layer pond piece 2 and 3 on top of the main pond piece and sew around the raw edges of piece 2 and 3 only, creating pockets in the pond. QuietYou may attach your fish in between the main pond piece and piece two only, or you can place additional fish between pond pieces 2 and 3 as well.

Extra Touches:

After you complete your pond, you can add extra touches to the page around the pond. I am adding a sun and some rocks around the pond, as well as using fabric paints to add some plants such as cattails.quiet

Kitty Dolly:

Now we will be making our kitty dolly. For the kitty, we will follow steps 1.1-1.4 of the original pattern. We will transfer all facial markings to one of the kitty body pieces. There are several ways of completing the facial features. Embroidery thread, fabric markers, and fabric paint are just a few suggestions. Be as creative or as simple as you please! quiet

Once we have our facial features, we will sew the kitty body pieces RST, leaving a turning hole:quietI usually leave my turning hole in the leg as I feel that is the easiest non curved space to turn the kitty right sides out. Clip the curves, turn, and stuff with polyfil or even extra scraps of fabric. quietNow that kitty is all stuffed, we will close the turning hole by using a needle and thread. I recommend using a ladder stitch.


And Kitty is finished!

Good job on day 3! Come back tomorrow for day 4; we will be assembling page 2!

PS: if you’re still not a proud owner of the Doll’s House patterns, get them here:



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