New Curvy Size Range!

New Curvy Size Range

New Curvy Size Range

I am absolutely delighted to announce that our new extended Curvy size range is now here!!!

When I started Rebecca Page, it was because of a passion that anyone should be able to make anything they want. And as the business grew, every week the team heard me say “If you can sew in a straight line, and in a curve, you should be able to make any of our patterns!”. We’ve worked incredibly hard to get our instructions totally beginner-friendly. Whether you’re making a simple top, or a complex coat, the instructions are designed for literally anyone to be able to follow. 

What I’ve always felt we were missing was truly extended sizing. Not just regular sizing, but a fully extended sizing range that makes our patterns leaders in the Curvy world. More curve, more bust shape, tailored to perfection… because our mantra of anyone being able to make anything they want, includes anyone being able to make it in their sizing!!

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So for MONTHS the team has been working on a top-secret project – Our new Curvy Size Range

I cannot even explain how excited we all are!!!

We’ve been working with a specialist drafter/grader who has worked with top high street curvy brands. They’ve helped us formulate the new sizing options and take some of our most popular patterns and added the sizing to them. Then we doubled the number of testers we had, and got them sewing up a storm!

The result is something we are so so proud of. And now it’s time to share it with the world!

These ten patterns are the start to our new women’s curvy sizing!

Strappy Cami
Sport Shorts and Leggings
Basic Underwear
Circle Cardie
T-Shirt Dress
Yoga Pants

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But I liked your previous sizing. Is it going away? Not at all. If you fit into our original size chart, don’t worry! Our original size chart remains the same and you can continue to use this. The Curvy sizing is additional and sits alongside the original one. 

What are the new sizes? Our original size chart went Bust 31-54 in (79-137 cm), Waist 25-50 in (63.5-127 cm), Hips 34-57 in (86-145 cm). Our new extended range runs Bust 31-76 in (79-193 cm), Waist 25-71 in (79-180 cm), Hips 34-80 in (86-203 cm). 

I’m in your original size range, but I have to do FBA/hip adjustment. What about me? We’ve got you covered 🙂 The curvy size chart overlaps the original chart, adding more curve! The new Curvy Sizes are made for a sewing cup E in place of the sewing cup C of our regular Women’s sizing. 

Where can I see the new size charts? See the new size charts here. 

Which patterns have Curvy? Betty, Strappy Cami, Laura, Sports Shorts & Leggings, Culottes, Basic Underwear, Circle Cardie, T-Shirt Dress, Olivia, and Yoga Pants all have Curvy now! 

What about other existing patterns? They’re coming!! The team is going through them one-by-one, and we’ll email to let you know as each one is added. 

What about new patterns? Every new pattern from now on will include both our original size chart + the new Curvy size chart. 

I’ve already bought some of these patterns in the old size range. Do I need to buy them again? No! If you’ve already bought a pattern which now has Curvy, you’ll find the updated files already in your Downloads section of your My Accounts area. If you can’t find them, please just pop us an email and we can check & help. 

Where can I see all the patterns that currently have curvy? You’ll find the current list of Curvy patterns here

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Get the pattern

More patterns will be updated each month to include Curvy sizing. And all new patterns that come out from now on will include both our Regular + Curvy sizing!

Join us in Celebration of the new Curvy sizing with a sale! 25% off all fabric and new patterns from now until 11:59pm PT (Los Angeles) Wednesday November 3. 2021!

Want to try a FREE Curvy Pattern?!

Try the new curvy size range for FREE by downloading our Betty Circle Skirt Pattern! 

You’ll gain access to the Women’s Regular and Women’s Curvy sewing pattern files and instructions so you can make Betty Circle Skirts for everyone! 

Get Betty Here!

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