Join this online sew along for the Classic Dress!

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In this FREE ONLINE SEW ALONG, you'll learn how to sew the Classic Dress!

If you'd love to sew an iconic dress with your favorite wovens, a timeless silhouette, optional pockets, three sleeve lengths, and two hem lengths, the Classic Dress Sew Along is for you!

WHAT YOU'LL GET - Once you sign up, you'll receive an e-mail with the links to the Sew Along videos. You can watch straight away or save the videos for later.

WHERE - Online (from anywhere in the world)

COST - The Sew Along itself is free. All you need is the pattern.


  • A sewing machine
  • To be able to sew in a straight(ish) line
  • An idea of the size you would like to sew up
  • Your fabric and thread to match


What do I get? The Sew Along includes short online video classes, packed with tips and tricks to help you sew a beautiful and iconic Classic Dress! 😍

What is the cost? The Sew Along itself is free. All you need is the pattern. If you don't have it already it, you can grab the pattern for the Children's here, Women's and Women's Curvy here, or save 20% off the regular price and grab all the sizes in the bundle here.

Where is it? It's online so you can follow along from anywhere in the world.

How long is it? The sewing videos vary in length and are all available immediately if you want to work through them in one go or you can work through one a day. We have them broken down into seven parts, so if you work through one part a day, that is seven days. You can watch all in one day, watch a little each day, or save the videos to watch later.

How do I follow along? Simply sign up via the button. You'll then receive an e-mail each day which has all the videos linked so you can start straight away and work at your own pace. From cutting out, through to sewing and finishing, you can follow one step at at time from the comfort of your own home.

Can I get the replays? Yes. The videos are yours to keep forever. You can watch as soon as you get the e-mail, or save them to watch later.  

What if I get stuck during the classes? We are here to help. You’ll get access to our private Facebook Sew Along Group. There are hundreds of people in there who have already sewed this exact sew along and our team check the group regularly so they can jump in and support you every step of the way.