Child’s Amsterdam Coat Facing Tutorial

About to try the Child’s Amsterdam Coat? If you haven’t put facings on a coat before, this step can be a little tricky. Here’s a coat facing tutorial with a few tips to help you imagine how it goes together…

Number 1

1. Imagine these are your fabric pieces… Lay them in front of you with right sides facing up.

Number 2

2. These red stars show where the seams are. Put the pieces right sides together with raw edges aligned and pin at these points.

Number 3
3. Now you will have something which looks like this… (wrong sides marked by blue lines)

Number 4
4. Next, continue pinning along the simple straight edges, but stop an inch or so before the curve.

Number 5
5. Find and mark the mid-point of the curve on your lining and facing.

Number 6

6. Match these raw edges at your mid-point mark.

Number 7

7. Now you’re left with just those pesky couple of inches either side of that mark. Yes it will be a bit of a pain, but with a wriggle, stretch and a bit of ease it WILL work. Take those areas really slowly when sewing. Stop, with needle down, to lift presser foot and reposition fabrics as much as you need to.

Continue in this same way around the whole of the lining and the facing. Find those seams, match them right sides together with raw edges aligned. Pin all the ‘easy’ bits and leave the awkward curves until last. Good luck!

PS if you haven’t got the pattern yet, it’s still on sale until 11 May 2016! You can get the child’s version (newborn to 12 years), the ladies version (XXS to 5XL) or both as a bundle on special.

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