Make this lovely romper by mashing two tried and tested Rebecca Page patterns! The Emma and the Cerena hacked into one gorgeous Ceremma romper is love!
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MASH HACK: Cerena + Emma = Ceremma ❤

Mashing Emma and Cerena

Hi! I am Leanne from Millies Place; nice to meet you 🙂

When the Cerena romper was released, l had a vision that l could tweak it a bit and make it more covered in the back, like the Emma.

Make this lovely romper by mashing two tried and tested Rebecca Page patterns! The Emma and the Cerena hacked into one gorgeous Ceremma romper is love!



<— This was my inspiration and, as soon as l saw it, l knew the Emma and Cerena patterns were the perfect combination to create my vision.

It was simple – just add the Emma top to the Cerena pants. Yes, it was as simple as that.  The Emma and the Cerena patterns are both suitable in knit and woven so following the instructions are relatively easy to create your new romper.

I made my Ceremma in a bamboo knit fabric from So Sew English and it is so soft and lovely to wear.

What you’ll need:

How to make your Ceremma:

Step 1.

Cut your fabric for the Cerena pants and sew following the instructions for the woven or knit style from step 7 to step 11 in the pattern.

Step 2.

Prepare your Emma top pattern pieces.  The Emma pattern pieces have more flare than the Cerena so l simply laid my Cerena pattern pieces on top of my Emma pattern pieces and traced the width to slim down the new Emma pattern for the hack.

To create the new front pattern pieces, draw along your Cerena to recreate your new slimmer Emma top.  To get the correct placement for your top, ensure that you have the armhole placements (black lines)  positioned alongside each other.


Fold the back placket over on the Cerena so that you can get the width on the Emma to get your new back pattern piece. Again, ensure that you have the armhole placements alongside each other then draw the new back pattern piece for the top.


Cut the length of the Cerena onto your new Emma pattern pieces.


Step 3. 

For the back pattern piece of your new slimmed down Emma pattern you will need to add on the back placket from the Cerena back pattern.

Trace the placket from the Cerena onto tracing paper and add to your new Emma back pattern piece.  You will need this so that you are able to actually wear your new romper.  The Emma top has a slight curved seam so ensure that you measure the same width along the length of the back seam of the Emma top to create the placket.


Step 4.

Add interfacing to the back placket of your new Emma pieces following the instructions in the Cerena top pattern. You need the interfacing for added support for buttons/snaps.


Step 5. 

Sew the placket following the Cerena pattern step 5 button placket.  DO NOT SEW the top hem as per the Cerena instructions as you are going to add the collar.  LEAVE the top hem raw edge as this will be included in the gathering of the top to the collar.

Step 6. 

Continue sewing the new Emma top as per the instructions in the Emma pattern.  Check step 7 here first.

Step 7.   

Where you put the gathering stitch in the top pieces, DO NOT gather the back placket pieces.  These will be too thick and you need them flat to add the buttons/snaps on.

Step 8. 

Cut your collar to attach to your Emma top.  You will not need the overlap on the collar as per instructions in the Emma pattern because you have the back plackets overlapping and the plackets are added to the width of the back. Remember to measure your neckline to ensure that you get a good fit for the collar as suggested in the Emma pattern instructions.  I slimmed the width of my collar a little but this is a personal preference.

Step 9.  

Sew the top to the collar as per the instructions but remember that you do not need to gather the back placket part of the back pattern piece.  These are simply added in to the back section of the collar.  You may find that because of this, the back is quite a tighter gather on the collar, but l did not find it a problem and the back plackets overlap and sit nicely.

I put an extra snap on (by mistake) but it actually helps to keep the back placket on the neckline in place.

Step 10. 

Follow step 12 in the Cerena pattern to join the top to the pants at the waist.  The new back plackets will be included and placed over the center back.  Again, the back plackets here will not be gathered as you want them to sit flat.  Please ensure that these are sitting flat and evenly overlapped so that you can add your buttons or snaps later.

Step 11. 

Add your buttons or snaps following the instructions in the Cerena pattern.

Step 12. 

Hem your pants.


Now you are done and have a comfortable new romper that has the best of both patterns – something you can wear for casual or more formal wear.

Make this lovely romper by mashing two tried and tested Rebecca Page patterns! The Emma and the Cerena hacked into one gorgeous Ceremma romper is love!

Pattern Mash Up Hack: Cerena + Emma = Ceremma

I hope you enjoy your new romper as much as l do!

Happy mashing,



Make this lovely romper by mashing two tried and tested Rebecca Page patterns! The Emma and the Cerena hacked into one gorgeous Ceremma romper is love!

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