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Free Pet Collar Tutorial

The RP Team is full of pet lovers! We frequently have pets in our Zoom meetings, photobombing our sewing pictures and walking all over our printed PDF patterns. We love what we do so it’s no surprise when our pets just have to get in on the action! To celebrate National Pet Day I thought […]

3D Shibori Tutorial

The Bubble Sleeve Cardie pattern inspired me to have more fun with fabric, embellishments, and bobbles while sewing. If runway designers can experiment with fabric and embellishments in their designs, why can’t I?  I did some research on turning ordinary 100% polyester fabric into, one-of-a-kind 3D Shibori fabric. The process was so cool that I had to […]

PATTERN MASH: Sewing Your Own Period Panties

Mash the Basic Underwear and Cloth pads patterns to make period panties that are easy to customize just for your body. It really can’t be any better!

What could be better than our new Basic Underwear and Cloth Pad patterns? Mashing the two together of course! While technically a hack, we’re combining both patterns to get the best of both Underwear and Cloth Pad worlds to make period panties. To begin with, decide which version of the Basic Underwear you want to […]

HACK: Hoodie Dress to Long Sweater

Use this tutorial to turn the Hoodie Dress into a long sweater. TWO methods to leave off the hood give you the comfiest, most stylish sUse this tutorial to turn the Hoodie Dress into a long sweater. TWO methods to leave off the hood give you the comfiest, most stylish sweater dress ever.weater dress ever.

Adding to the extreme awesomeness and versatility of the Hoodie Dress sewing pattern, this hack shows you how to make it into a long-line sweater by leaving off the hood. We have TWO different methods to finish off the neck, to give you the comfiest, most stylish sweater dress ever! Choose between a neckband or […]

Making Your Own Piping

Discover how to make your own piping for the perfect finishing touch on so many items, including the Rebecca Page Family PJs

At some point in their sewing experience, every person will encounter a pattern that calls for piping (such as the Family Pjs or Alphabet Pillows…) or decide they want to add their own for something a bit different. Piping is one of those notions that you can buy, but if you’re looking for a very […]

SEW ALONG: Eloise Dress & Top

Come join us for the Eloise sew along! We'll be working our way through this lovely summery dress and top sewing pattern and would love for you to join us!

Come join us for a sew along! We will be working our way through the Eloise and would love for you to join us. If you’re new to sew alongs, you’re in for a treat! They’re so much fun, you’ll want to do them ALL! Rebecca will be sewing two beautiful versions of the Eloise via […]

Applique Fun with the Comfy Cowl

Applique is easy and fun! You can embellish any pattern with applique detailing; it adds a little something special to a garment. Learn how to applique!

This applique addition is easy and fun ? You can embellish any pattern with applique; I chose the Comfy Cowl Hoodie. Choose your pattern and cut out all pieces as usual. I chose the Comfy Cowl Hoodie because I just LOVE this pattern. Choose your applique. I chose these flowers because I love them too […]

Learn to Shir with Patsy

Hack the back of the children's Patsy to have full-back shirring!

Adding a Shirred Back to the Patsy Party Dress (newborn to 12 years) Shirring is a sewing technique that can be used to gather fabric, using elastic thread sewn in parallel rows. This is a great alternative to the elastic back found in the tutorial for the children’s Patsy Party dress. In this tutorial we […]

Keeping a Strapless Dress in Place

How to keep a strapless dress up? Sew a simple waist stay to keep your gorgeous outfits from falling down. This hack can be used on all strapless dresses!

So, you have a strapless dress and you want to make sure you don’t spend the entire evening pulling this gorgeous dress up and back into place.  That’s not classy.  One of our favorite suggestions for adding just a bit more support to your strapless dress is a waist stay.  This is typically a ribbon […]

Doll’s House Quiet Book Sew Along | Day Seven

Doll's House Quiet Book Sew Along

Welcome to the last day of the doll’s house quiet book sew along. I hope this doll’s house sew along has been a good experience for y’all and that you have learned some new things. We will be assembling our pages into one cohesive book today, so let’s get started. There are several ways you […]