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PATTERN MASH: Sewing Your Own Period Panties

Mash the Basic Underwear and Cloth pads patterns to make period panties that are easy to customize just for your body. It really can’t be any better!

What could be better than our new Basic Underwear and Cloth Pad patterns? Mashing the two together of course! While technically a hack, we’re combining both patterns to get the best of both Underwear and Cloth Pad worlds to make period panties. To begin with, decide which version of the Basic Underwear you want to […]

HACK: Hoodie Dress to Long Sweater

Use this tutorial to turn the Hoodie Dress into a long sweater. TWO methods to leave off the hood give you the comfiest, most stylish sUse this tutorial to turn the Hoodie Dress into a long sweater. TWO methods to leave off the hood give you the comfiest, most stylish sweater dress ever.weater dress ever.

Adding to the extreme awesomeness and versatility of the Hoodie Dress sewing pattern, this hack shows you how to make it into a long-line sweater by leaving off the hood. We have TWO different methods to finish off the neck, to give you the comfiest, most stylish sweater dress ever! Choose between a neckband or […]

Making Your Own Piping

Discover how to make your own piping for the perfect finishing touch on so many items, including the Rebecca Page Family PJs

At some point in their sewing experience every person will encounter a pattern that calls for piping (such as the Family Pjs…) or decide they want to add their own for something a bit different. Piping is one of those notions that you can buy, but if you’re looking for a a very specific colour […]

Get the Look: Sports Luxe

For sports luxe you can dress up or down, the Celine trousers are your new go to. Comfy and stylish, this beginner-level pattern is a quick rewarding sew. You can use almost any knit OR woven fabric so it’s a stash pleaser too!

Sports Luxe, by definition, is a mixture of sporty and luxurious garments. What it gives you is extreme comfort coupled with a look for a night on the tiles. Or a night in on the sofa, cuddled up under a blanket with hot chocolate and a book/ movie/ binge-watching sesh. Gosh, this style can even […]

Beauty & Support!

For a gentle lift and excellent support, the Bianca ladies bra sewing pattern has you covered! Pair with the Bianca Underwear for a beautiful lingerie set.

Ok, there are a lot of things I love and a lot of clothing styles that speak to my soul. But let me tell you about me and lingerie. It’s more than love. It’s adoration/ adulation/ reverence/ bordering on worship. Lingerie is LIFE! Especially when it fits. I have a mild obsession with undies. But […]

The Name on Everybody’s Lips is Gonna be… ROXY!

Incredibly practical and cute, this wristlet sewing pattern gives you a pretty neat way to keep everything you need on hand AND keep your hands free to hold your coffee!

I must confess that the idea of a wristlet isn’t something that I’ve ever really understood nor had a huge desire to make. Until now, that is… This pattern is adorable in all the right ways! It’s a cute clutch-type sew for a handy way to keep everything you need on a day-to-day basis on […]