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IKEA Hack Table Tent Playhouse

Transform your kitchen table into a fabulous playhouse (the ultimate blanket fort) with our new Table Tent Sewing Pattern! The finished Table Tent will have the kids playing all day and never wanting to leave! I designed the Table Tent sewing pattern to fit over my IKEA Melltorp kitchen table. In the pattern instructions, I […]

Free Pet Collar Tutorial

The RP Team is full of pet lovers! We frequently have pets in our Zoom meetings, photobombing our sewing pictures and walking all over our printed PDF patterns. We love what we do so it’s no surprise when our pets just have to get in on the action! To celebrate National Pet Day I thought […]

3D Shibori Tutorial

The Bubble Sleeve Cardie pattern inspired me to have more fun with fabric, embellishments, and bobbles while sewing. If runway designers can experiment with fabric and embellishments in their designs, why can’t I?  I did some research on turning ordinary 100% polyester fabric into, one-of-a-kind 3D Shibori fabric. The process was so cool that I had to […]

A Weighty Issue…

Keep your patterns firmly in place when cutting out your fabric for those gorgeous sews with this easy to make pattern weights sewing pattern

It has been my experience that pinned patterns tend to slide about from time to time, and don’t always have the cleanest cutting results. Full disclosure, I am a beginner on this sewing journey and will get better at the pinning. BUT I have found pattern weights to be a much more successful tool to […]

Applique Fun with the Comfy Cowl

Applique is easy and fun! You can embellish any pattern with applique detailing; it adds a little something special to a garment. Learn how to applique!

This applique addition is easy and fun ? You can embellish any pattern with applique; I chose the Comfy Cowl Hoodie. Choose your pattern and cut out all pieces as usual. I chose the Comfy Cowl Hoodie because I just LOVE this pattern. Choose your applique. I chose these flowers because I love them too […]

Learning Machine Embroidery with Knits

Embellishments like applique, and embroidery are the icing on the sewing cake! Come join me on my journey to explore machine embroidery on knit garments!

I love sewing because I can achieve the perfect fit with the textiles my family craves. Embellishments like lace, ribbon, applique, and embroidery are the icing on the cake! Like sewing construction and techniques, embellishing garments has a slight learning curve too. Come join me on my journey to explore machine embroidery on knit garments! […]