Buffet Dress Buzz

Buffet Dress Buzz

Buffet Dress Buzz

Have you been hearing a lot of buzz about Buffet Dresses after the Great British Sewing Bee’s Buffet Dress challenge? If you’re not familiar with Buffet Dresses, they are loose-fitting, roomy dresses with non-restrictive waists, perfect for eating an entire buffet for dinner!

They often have flowy tiered skirts, which is something I absolutely love in a dress! You will also see buffet dress in fun prints, bright solids and lovely white cotton eyelets or broderie anglaise fabrics.

If you’re looking for a good buffet-style dress pattern, we’ve got loads to show you, so I put together a quick list of my favorites below.

Toronto Day Dress

The Toronto Day Dress is the definition of the perfect Buffet Style Dress. Make it in a mid weight woven with some drape and all eyes will be on you. With the Toronto’s beautiful tiered skirt, relaxed fit, and flowy vibes, you’re bound to love this dress. If you want to mix it up, you can also make the Toronto Day Dress into the blouse option for a fun little Buffet Top.


Toronto Day Dress pattern

Emma Dress

The Emma Dress is one of my all-time favorite dress patterns and it happens to be a beautiful Buffet Dress! The only thing fitted about this dress is the lovely high neck! The rest of the dress flows down through the waist and hips into lovely tiered layers. If you’d like a more tailored look, you can sew the optional sash which will cinch the waist for the days when you don’t mind showing having a more fitted silhouette.

Emma Dress pattern
Sew some fresh summery style with this every day essential. The Yoke Dress sewing pattern has three lengths and comes in sizes XXS to 5XL.

Yoke Dress

The Yoke Dress sewing pattern is a lovely V-neck dress and top pattern that almost floats on the shoulders of the person wearing it! With a flowy bust, waist, and hip, this style is Buffet Dress perfection in woven fabrics! You could hack the Yoke Dress pattern by adding a ruffle to the button of the skirt, or if you want a little waist accentuation from time to time, make a Belt for it from our Belt Bundle of sewing patterns. 

Yoke Dress pattern

Talia Dress 

The Talia Dress sewing pattern is a fun little spaghetti strap dress number that could be your knit Buffet Dress go-to. It has a loose fit in the waist and hips and is rather flowy. It is a great dress for enjoying a warm day in the sun without feeling overheated. You can also pair it with a long cardigan like our Keeley Cardigan for when the sun goes down.

Talia Dress pattern
This ladies twist top sewing pattern is a lovely finishing touch to wear over any semi-fitted to tight base layer. It's the perfect little extra!

Monte Carlo Dress

The Monte Carlo dress sewing pattern is a lovely empire-waisted dress that is fitted in the bodice and loose in the waist and hips. The empire-waist is cinched a bit with elastic, but the loose waist and hips make it an excellent option for a Buffet Dress. Plus, you can add an adorable ruffle to the bottom of the skirt for an added bit of flair!

Monte Carlo Pattern

As I mentioned above, the Emma Dress is one of my all time favorite patterns! In the photo,  I’m wearing an Emma Dress that I hacked by adding an extra layer of ruffles at each tier. I love how full the tiers look because of these extra ruffles! 

Happy Sewing!  Don’t forget to share photos of your Buffet Dress makes by tagging us  #RebeccaPage!

6 thoughts on “Buffet Dress Buzz

    • Melissa Gosling says:

      Hi Linda! Buffet Dresses are loose-fitting, roomy dresses with non-restrictive waists. They are called that because they are perfect to wear to an all you can eat buffet 🙂

  1. Michele Webb says:

    Where can we see the Great British Sewing Bee in the US? I have found it on YouTube, but it is just bits, never an entire show. Thanks!

  2. Debra says:

    Re the Great British Sewing Bee, we used to get it here in New Zealand but didn’t get the last season so doubt we getting this one either. I have emailed Sky and await a reply. I hope it comes back here

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