The Taylor: A Trench Coat Sew Along

Join us for a Taylor Trench sew along and work your way through a Taylor with us!

Come join us for a trench coat sew along….  we will be working our way through the Taylor Trench Coat and we would love for you to join us! If you’re new to sew alongs, you’re in for a treat! They’re so much fun you’ll want to do them ALL! I’ll be sewing two versions […]

Learn to Shir with Patsy

Hack the back of the children's Patsy to have full-back shirring!

Adding a Shirred Back to the Patsy Party Dress (newborn to 12 years) Shirring is a sewing technique that can be used to gather fabric, using elastic thread sewn in parallel rows. This is a great alternative to the elastic back found in the tutorial for the children’s Patsy Party dress. In this tutorial we […]

Keeping a Strapless Dress in Place

How to keep a strapless dress up? Sew a simple waist stay to keep your gorgeous outfits from falling down. This hack can be used on all strapless dresses!

So, you have a strapless dress and you want to make sure you don’t spend the entire evening pulling this gorgeous dress up and back into place.  That’s not classy.  One of our favorite suggestions for adding just a bit more support to your strapless dress is a waist stay.  This is typically a ribbon […]

Perfect Patsy: The Dress of your Dreams!

Patsy Party Dress Sewing Pattern

It’s true! Patsy really is the party dress sewing pattern of your dreams! The beautiful, vintage-styled dress has a princess-line bodice, an extremely full and twirly tea-length skirt, and optional skirt overlay for extra glamour. To make your day even better, the original Patsy is FREE! And then the Patsy Add On takes the original […]

November 2018 Blog Tour

Rebecca Page November 2018 Blog Tour: Comfy Town

Welcome to Comfy Town (the place to be)…This is where the sewing blog tour starts! Join us as we travel through a series of awesome blogs on sewing for total comfort! Your guides for this adventure will be a selection of extremely talented (and insanely lovely!) RP brand ambassadors, who will be showing you just […]

Tara: Feminine and Frilly Tailored Jacket

The Tara, a ladies tailored jacket sewing pattern, is exquisitely tailored and lined, with a nipped in waist and tie belt, and feminine visual interest.

Tara means “where the kings meet” in Irish. It is a place of rocky hills and the name of the plantation in Gone with the Wind. The name is beautifully poetic and brings to mind undulating waves of windswept hills. This ladies’ tailored jacket sewing pattern is a beautiful creation. Fit for royalty, it features […]

Wisdom says “Add Sofia to your Collection. Now”

The words “simply beautiful” and “everyday elegance” take shape in Sofia, the shirt dress sewing pattern. Add her to your pattern collection now!

Imagine my delight when, after a seriously intense Pinterest session (and some next level wardrobe goals) I sat down to write a bit of content and discovered that the brand new RP pattern was my latest board come to life. For real, have a look: Shirt Dresses I want to say “how often does that […]

Get Cozy and Wrap Up Warm

This collection is a bundle of ladies’ winter sewing patterns and includes the Dreamy Drape, Comfy Cowl Hoodie, Neve Wrap Top, and Pippa Pants.

Summer is wonderful for all the ice cream and sunshine (enter the Summer Maxi Collection 2018)! But there’s something to be said about winter and fall and the FASHION! Layers and snuggly, cozy deliciousness! The cooler weather is the perfect excuse to go fabric shopping for all the loveliness to make these winter sewing patterns […]

Slim Fit Cargos and POCKETS!

This cargo pants sewing pattern is all about the pockets! The slim-fit design is both stylish and practical, and will teach you a few new techniques while sewing up some super trendy trousers.

ME: *looking through a telescope* “WOW, Universe! You’re so beautiful!” UNIVERSE: *placing hands inside black holes* “Thanks; I have pockets!”   Pockets are important. We need pockets for all the things, especially when we just don’t feel like carting a big ol’ bag around. And for the kidlets to store their treasures. This cargo pants […]