Free Capetastic Modification – The Dalek!

A gorgeous cape pattern you can customize to be any feathered animal! This is an add-on pattern including the adults cape pattern pieces.

  What you’ll need: Capetastic pattern 1.5 diameter styrofoam balls Spray paint 2 small cups 1 pack white pipe cleaners Glue gun   Steps: Start by picking your colors … for this instructions, I used red and black. 1. Cut foam ball in half, use spray paint to paint balls (make sure you are in […]

New Mommy & Me Maxi Dress Pattern!

Long live the summer dress! In summer with sunscreen and sandals, in fall with trainers and a cardigan, in spring with a denim jacket and wedges and… well basically whenever it’s not snowing. The Monte Carlo Maxi is a gorgeous dress can be made from knit or woven. The ladies version has two top options wide […]

Don’t Miss The St. Tropez Swing Sale!

Only 3 days left before the St. Tropez Swing sale ends! To tempt you here’s a few more gorgeous tester photos… this is one top you need in your wardrobe this summer!            Sale ends on 31st July 2016. Special release price only $6.50 each (regular price $8.50 each) or get the […]

New Mommy & Me matching pattern!

Time for some summer sewing… and just in time for a new pattern release! Yays 🙂 Happy sewing! The St. Tropez Swing is a chic Mommy & Me matching set comes in top or dress length. It’s got a cute little cut out in the back, optional sleeves and an optional belt. Go for the sleeveless version for a […]

New Pattern & Summer Giveaway!

Who’s ready for some super cuteness? Some FREE super cuteness? Summer has just arrived here (and Spring isn’t far away for those still in Winter) so it’s time for our MUMMYKINS BIG SUMMER GIVEWAY. Which means a free pattern. Yays!! Members of our Facebook group can get the brand new Twirltastic Tutu pattern completely free. […]

Berry Bubble Shorts Sew Along – Day 5

  You’re so close to finishing your Berry Bubble Shorts! Today is the last day of the sew along. If you’re running a bit behind, no worries; there will be two catch up days to finish up your shorts. In this post we are going to bind our leg openings and add our buttons.   These […]

Berry Bubble Shorts Sew Along – Day 4

  Alright we are in the final stretch of the Berry Bubble Shorts Sew Along! For day four we are going to put all of our pieces together.   First we are going to layer our pieces in the following order. Place your back lining right side up, followed by your shorts front, also right […]

Berry Bubble Shorts Sew Along – Day 3

Welcome to day three of the Berry Bubble Shorts sew along. In the last post we worked on getting our fronts ready for the front and side yokes. Today we are going to put those pieces together and also start on the backs of our shorts.   Mark the center of your front yoke and with it […]

Berry Bubble Shorts Sew Along – Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of our Berry Bubble Shorts sew along! In this post we are going to work on adding our pockets and sewing the two front pieces together.   Place one of your pocket bags onto your shorts with wrong sides together. Line up the curved edges and baste the pocket in place. Repeat […]

Berry Bubble Shorts Sew Along – Day 1

  Welcome to the first day of the Berry Bubble Shorts Sew Along! If you haven’t already, first check out our welcome post for details of our sponsors and prizes. Then let’s get started sewing!   The first thing you want to do is mark your pleats on your front and back pieces on both […]