Doll’s House Quiet Book Sew Along | Day Five

Welcome to Day Five of our Doll’s House Quiet Book sew along. I hope you have been enjoying yourself as much as I have. Day Five is Kitchen Day Since we made all those lovely veggies in the garden on Day Four, we need somewhere to cook them! You will find the kitchen in the […]

Doll’s House Quiet Book Sew Along | Day Four


Welcome back to the Doll’s House Quiet Book Sew Along! I’m loving every second of it! Day Four: Page Two Day four begins with assembling our second page. Today’s second page for me is the garden! The garden is part of the add on for the quiet book, so we will be referring to the […]

Doll’s House Quiet Book Sew Along | Day Three

Quiet Book

Hello again, and welcome to day 3 of the Doll House Quiet Book sew along! Today we will begin by assembling our first page and making one of our dollies. I’m choosing to do the kitty dolly, and the swimming hole as page one. Let’s Get Started! Page 2 of the original pattern tells us […]

Doll’s House Quiet Book Sew Along | Day Two

Doll's House Sew Along Day 2

Welcome to day two of our Doll’s House Quiet Book Sew Along! Today we are jumping into prepping our doll’s house pages! Yesterday we became familiar with the pattern, printed and cut our paper pattern pieces, and hopefully didn’t stress ourselves out making our fabric choices! I did the first time I made a doll’s […]

Sew Along Welcome | Doll’s House Quiet Book

Sew Along

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Doll’s House Quiet Book sew along. I’m so glad you have chosen to join us. I’m Lerinda and I’m honored to be here as a guest blogger for the sew along using Rebecca Page’s Doll House Quiet Book Pattern and Tutorial plus the Add On patterns. If you haven’t […]

Sewista Stories | Meet Lerinda Swan

Sewista Stories

Introducing Lerinda Swan, the lovely host of the Doll’s House Quiet Book sew along and the very first to be featured in our Sewista Stories series. Lerinda, a wife and mom of two from Florida, started on her sewista journey in November 2011. Get to know this creatively wonderful RP brand ambassador a bit better […]

Adventuring in the ‘Hood of Quiet Time

Doll's House Quiet Time Book
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Take a short left off the main road. Then the second right. After that go around the big tree with the swing and you’re there. Welcome to the neighborhood of Doll’s House Quiet Time. You are going to love it here![/vc_column_text][vc_gallery interval=”5″ images=”91597,91596,91595,91594,91593,91592,91591,91590,91589,91588,91586,91585,91584,91583,91582,91581,91580,91579,91578,91577″ img_size=”full”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Add your own touch to the Doll’s House play book community by […]

Making Stencils with Cut Files

We are slowly building up our collection of FREE cut files for all you lovely people! Our range will include stand alone images for t-shirts, totes, and just about anything else you want to apply them to, as well as bonus cut files for existing patterns (such as the Doll’s House Quiet Book and Add […]

The Best Dressed at the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding

I love love. So everything about the Royal Wedding this weekend put me on Cloud Nine, but the best part was the people and outfit watching (isn’t it always?). Let me just say that that wedding dress was pure elegance; astounding in its simplicity. Meghan Markle is beautiful and she made a breathtaking bride, but, […]

A New Pattern: The Brielle Blouse

Blouse Sewing Pattern
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] *** NEW PATTERN RELEASE – The Brielle Blouse *** If an item of clothing is well made, timeless, comfortable, and beautiful, you’ve hit the jackpot! Or, chances are, you made it yourself 😉 The Brielle Blouse pattern that has just been released is the perfect design to tick all those “must have” boxes. She […]