Betty the Vintage Beauty

Vintage Sewing - the beuatiful Betty circle skirt by Rebecca Page. IT HAS POCKETS!

In recent blog posts I have declared my love for all things boho-gypsy-peasant style. Well, I also love me some pinup femininity and vintage sewing patterns! I am a book with many pages.

Like most people, my defining fashion tastes and style, quite literally, comes down to my mood on any given day – which is why a me-made wardrobe is a first-class win.

The more relaxed styles of Eloise, Olivia, and Neve are my day-to-day happy place, BUT I do have a side that loves a nipped-in waist, lacey-skull heels, and a fierce red lip too. I am the person who once, as a matron of honour, planned an entire bachelorette party around a rockabilly theme simply because I had a red vintage-styled dress begging to be worn.  And my aforementioned lacey-skull heels needed an outing. Okay it wasn’t THAT bad – we did all agree to the theme! Betty is your retro dreams come to life!

All that pinup girling aside, one of my favourite things about Betty is how versatile she is! She most certainly is a sweet retro dream, but she’s also office appropriate, wedding appropriate, summer vacay appropriate, and just perfect appropriate!

See what I mean? Pinterest (of course!) is full of beautiful circle skirt outfits to inspire your styling:

Circle skirt outfit inspiration.? Pinterest: A | B | C

My only complaint about Betty is that she wasn’t around sooner ? She is the perfect circle skirt! And she’s FREE. I mean… could she get any better?

Actually, yes. SHE HAS POCKETS!!

Get yours now


PS: The Lacey-Skull Heels ?

Rebecca Page Betty Vintage Skirt Sewing Pattern

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