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  • Our affiliate commission rate is 20% net.
  • If person you refer uses a coupon code, or we are having a sale on that item, you will make 20% on the discounted amount only.
  • You must have a valid PayPal account to receive your commission.
  • The e-mail address displayed in your affiliate area is the one we will use to pay commission to. Please ensure it is correct and that it is connected to your PayPal account.
  • You may use your own affiliate link to purchase Rebecca Page patterns and receive an affiliate commission.
  • Commissions are paid monthly during the first week of the following month. For example, if you refer sales during January, you will be paid in the first week of February.
  • Our affiliate program uses a 60-day cookie to record referrals. That means if a person you refer buys within 60 days of clicking on your link, you will be credited.
  • You can log into our site at any time to check your affiliate statistics and balance on this page.
  • Please do not use your affiliate link in the Rebecca Page Sewing Facebook group. You are of course very welcome to use it anywhere else that you promote.
  • When sharing your affiliate link, you must share your own version of the item, not just the link. The affiliate option is to help you earn income from your sewing, so you must have sewed it and be sharing that to use your link.
  • Should you wish to share any images from our website with your affiliate link which are not your own, please e-mail us to get specific permission first at info@rebecca-page.com
  • Rebecca Page reserves the right to reject or remove any affiliate as we deem appropriate.
  • Rebecca Page reserves the right to change our affiliate program at any time.


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