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Holiday Promotion - 2020

Save 25% on our Entire Stock of Patterns!

NOTES: Sale effective December 1-31, 2020. Price shown is discounted price. Graphics are available to support this promotion under Banner Ads & Graphics – Holiday Promotion.

Increased Commission for December!

From December 3rd – 31st, we are increasing your commission to 50% net! Make sure to use your link to get your commission. We know this has been a tough year and want to support our supporters!

This change will be automatic! You don’t need to do anything.

FREE Christmas Dress Pattern
A simple sew bursting with comfort, style, and options!

Every year, we gift our customers with a free holiday dress pattern. This year we designed the Serenity with 2020 in mind. It’s perfect for small family dinners or lounging on the couch watching Christmas movies with the kids!

While the free offer doesn’t provide any commission, there are three upsell offers! Customers can choose to upgrade to the Serenity Infinity Dress Bundle ($17.50) for more styling options. Or they can purchase bundles that include enough fabric to make the Serenity or Serenity Infinity ($25+). The bundle comes with the adult and child patterns.

We have photography to support this program – please email melissa@rebecca-page.com for any needs.


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