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Uplevel Your Fabric Knowledge With Fabric 101!

42 Fabric Mini-Classes + 3 PDF Sewing Patterns + 7 Exclusive Bonus Classes + Unlimited Replays

Whether you are a beginner, or have been sewing 30+ years, Fabric 101 is for you!

In Fabric 101 you'll discover the 42 most popular fabrics for sewing, what you need to know about each before laying out your pattern, and what fabric to use for what project.

  • 42x Fabric Mini-Classes
  • 3x PDF Sewing Patterns
  • 7x Exclusive Bonus Classes

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Take the course whenever you want, from anywhere in the world

Have you ever read a fabric name and thought "what is that," or "what can I make with that?". We love buying fabric online, but sometimes it can be tricky!

Fabric 101 will help you to learn about all the most popular knit + woven fabrics.... what type of project are they suited for, general care, and content. Fabric 101 will help you purchase fabric online with confidence and have you starting your next project with ease!

"Fabric 101 is THE most important part of my sewing education so far! Thank you. I finally feel confident to pick exactly what fabric I want for each project!!!"

Here's what you'll get:

  • Anytime Access to all 42x Fabric Mini Classes, including both Knit AND Woven Fabrics so you can get confident with both!
  • 3x Downloadable PDF Patterns
  • 7x Exclusive Bonus Classes
  • Unlimited replays and watch whenever suits YOU best

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How the Fabric 101 Course will help you improve your fabric confidence...

Watch all the classes anytime that suits, plus enjoy unlimited replays

Why you'll love it:

  • 42 Fabric Mini-Classes teaching you about each fabric, what you need to know before getting those fabric scissors out, general care, and what fabric to use for what project.
  • Watch every session at your own convenience so you can take notes and practice what you just learned
  • Need to watch a section (or whole class) again? You can replay as often as you like!
  • You’ll have access anytime so come back whenever you want to freshen up on a particular fabric!
  • Beginner-friendly, jargon-free language so no matter what level you are at, you will be able to follow along

Here's the full list of Knit + Woven fabrics you'll be learning about:


Bubble Crepe

CEY Air Flow













Peach Skin


Quilting Cotton

Rayon Challis

Shark Skin


Woven Swiss Dot

Wool Dobby

Cotton Spandex

Double & Single Brushed Poly

DTY (Drawn Texture Yarn)


Poly Rayon Spandex

Rayon Spandex


Spun Poly


Swiss Dot Jersey

Athletic & Brushed Athletic



Sweater & Brushed Sweater Knit

Baby French Terry

Knit Denim



Techno Scuba

You'll be learning from leading industry teachers:

Amelia Keating
A Crafty Phoenix

Betsy Koestler
Naptime Stitchery

Elise Chase-Sinclair
Elise's Sewing Studio

Rebecca Oburotha
Ankara Rack

Stephanie Troemel
Sarcastic Sewist

Tino Motloung
Sewstar Tino

Victoria Martinez Azaro
La Creative Mama

Get the Fabric 101 Course now!

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Yay! Everyone Loves Some BONUSES!

It gets even better! When you purchase the Fabric 101 Course, you'll also get exclusive access to some AMAZING bonuses!

BONUS #1: 3x Downloadable PDF Patterns ($26.97 value)

Print the exact patterns and templates used in the classes with your print-at-home PDFs.

Bonus downloadable PDFs:

  • Get professional PDF printables & patterns for 3 classes so you can get beautifully precise designs
  • You’ll be able to download the PDF to keep forever... and should you lose your file you’ll be able to download it again as many times as you need so you can craft with confidence

BONUS #2: Bonus "Intro To Double Gauze: Window Coverings" Class ($19.99 value)

The "Intro To Double Gauze: Window Coverings" class by Amelia Keating.

Come learn all about double gauze! This versatile fabric can be used in a wide variety of projects. I’ll show you some tips for working with this lightweight and durable fabric while we sew window coverings and discuss other projects that are great for double gauze. Double gauze is a fantastic material for window coverings where you’d like some privacy, but still want to let light in, like a street facing front room. You can follow the tutorial to sew the window coverings using any woven fabric you like, but this class will be focused specifically on techniques for sewing with double gauze.

BONUS #3: Bonus "The Beginners Guide to Woven Fabrics" Class ($19.99 value)

The "Beginners Guide to Woven Fabrics" Class by Rebecca Oburotha.

The Beginners Guide to working with woven fabrics is a curation of useful tips that helps beginner sewers to know how to identify and handle/care for woven fabrics. There are useful tips for working with Ankara Wax prints, As home work, pls visit a fabric shop to collect and label the collected fabric swatches in a dairy.

BONUS #4: Bonus "How to Work with Ankara/African Wax Print Fabric" Class ($19.99 value)

The "How to Work with Ankara/African Wax Print Fabric" Class by Tino Motloung.

This class is all about working with Ankara/African Wax Print fabric. We talk about the fabric characteristics, how to remove the manufacturers labels, and sewing the fabric. While we learn about ankara we also make a simple but beautiful gathered skirt with inseam pockets and a basic zip.

BONUS #5: Bonus "Sew A Detachable Peter Pan Collar" Class ($19.99 value)

The "Sew A Detachable Peter Pan Collar" Class by Elise Chase-Sinclair.

Learn how to sew a detachable Peter Pan collar that can be worn as an accessory. In this class for adventurous beginners, we will go over how to cut the pattern, apply interfacing, assemble the collar. I will also show an option at the end for how to add a lace overlay.

BONUS #6: Bonus "Basic Skirt to Walking Vent P4P Pirate Pencil Skirt" Class ($19.99 value)

The "Basic Skirt to Walking Vent P4P Pirate Pencil Skirt" Class by Stephanie Troemel.

Stephanie is going to create two skirts from one pattern created by Patterns for Pirates – P4P. Learn how to make a basic pencil skirt, but then you can learn how to upgrade your skirt with a walking vent!

BONUS #7: Bonus "Applique Quilted Tote Tutorial" Class ($19.99 value)

The "Applique Quilted Tote Tutorial" Class by Victoria Martinez Azaro.

Learn how to make a fun and unique looking tote bag. Using applique and quilt as you go techniques, create your own version of this easy to make tote bag.

BONUS #8: Bonus "RP Cloth Maxi Pad Sewalong" Class ($19.99 value)

The "RP Cloth Maxi Pad Sewalong" Class by Betsy Koestler.

Sew along with me to make a comfy, absorbent, and reusable 3 layer cloth maxi pad using Rebecca Page’s pattern.


With thousands of attendees, teachers and moderators, you know you are in good hands.

Exclusive Facebook support group:

  • Get help and support from the thousands of other Attendees, and the Teachers themselves!
  • With Group Admins on nearly every continent, there is almost always someone available to help with your questions
  • Get inspired and browse photos & comments from hundreds of other completed projects

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Regular price: $99

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Meet Your Course Host, Rebecca Page

Hi, I'm Rebecca and I'm on a mission help people find joy through sewing, crafting and making all the things!

Making something yourself is incredibly fulfilling, especially when it's for a loved one and you get to see the pure joy and excitement in their eyes.

I'm a Mama of three young kiddos (5, 7 and 9 years) have sewed since I was little myself. But it was only when I had children that I saw how much crafting and making could bring me such personal satisfaction and pride, as well as hours of joy-filled creative time.

The 'magic ingredient' in our Courses & Summits is the coming together of so many amazingly talented designers and teachers. I can't wait to share these phenomenal classes with the community!!

You’ll love the Fabric 101 Course because you can learn all about different Knit + Woven fabrics… at your own pace, in your own space, with complete support!


Whatever your level, you'll find our world-renown teachers (and their many years of experience) are there to help every step along the way!


We know you want to just get making straight away, so there’s full printables you can download with ease, and print using your regular home printer.


Sometimes it’s super helpful to see someone else do something first! So you've got the the complete set of class videos, to help you on your way.


We are committed that you get to complete as many of the projects as you like, so we’ve built a private online community where you can ask our team your questions anytime of the day or night.

Who the Fabric 101 Course is for?

You'll LOVE this if:

This isn't for you if:

  • You love exclusive freebies and bonuses and want to make sure you get all the goodies and extras!
  • You want to learn about all types of fabrics and want unlimited replays to watch whenever suits you best!
  • You long for fabric knowledge, that you'll use time and again when sewing and shopping for fabric online or in person!
  • You don't like bonuses
  • You don’t sew
  • You don’t like learning about fabric


This is a crazy good deal. Are you sure this isn't a scam?

It's definitely not a scam! We've been holding online Courses & Summits for nearly 3 years. Our Facebook groups and page (and Instagram and Tiktok!) are full of happy customers - many of whom have purchased a Course or Pass. This deal is a super low price because 1) The low price is only for a very limited time, and 2) We really want to help you get a jump start on sewing!

What if I need help while watching the classes?

We are here to help! You can join our Facebook group and ask any and all the questions you have! We have a team of admins who know the classes inside-out and are here to help at any point throughout your sewing experience. There are also thousands of group members who will be doing the same classes and are so lovely and happy to help out.

Do you offer refunds?

Our courses are instant access so we don't offer refunds I'm sorry. However if you have any difficulty in watching, downloading or printing, we are here to help! Simply email our team on and we'll do our utmost to get you sewing. There's also support in our Facebook group where you'll find thousands of other customers who have tried these classes and who are amazingly supportive.

How much is the Fabric 101 Course?

The Fabric 101 Course is $27.00 USD. To see prices in other currencies, please use a currency converter (link to one here).

Get Your Fabric 101 Course Today!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase the Fabric 101 Course!

  • Anytime Access to All 42 Informative Fabric Videos and unlimited replays - $99.00 value
  • BONUS #1: 3 Downloadable PDF Patterns - $26.97 value
  • BONUS #2: Bonus Course "Intro To Double Gauze: Window Coverings" Class - $19.99 value
  • BONUS #3: Bonus Course "The Beginners Guide to Woven Fabrics " Class - $19.99 value
  • BONUS #4: Bonus Course "How to Work with Ankara/African Wax Print Fabric" Class - $19.99 value
  • BONUS #5: Bonus "Sew a Detachable Peter Pan Collar" Class - $19.99 value
  • BONUS #6: Bonus "Basic Skirt to Walking Vent P4P Pirate Pencil Skirt" Class - $19.99 value
  • BONUS #7: Bonus "Applique Quilted Tote Tutorial" Class - $19.99 value
  • BONUS #8: Bonus "RP Cloth Maxi Pad Sewalong" Class - $19.99 value
  • BONUS #9: Access To Complete Support Facebook Group - $Priceless!

Total value: $238.93
Regular price: $99

Today's price: $27

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