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DIY Art Smock Hack – How to Turn the Lucy Dress Into an Art Smock

Hi! Today we are going to take the Lucy dress and make a DIY art smock. I’ll be showing you how to do it unlined. but if you want to line it you can follow the pattern directions for doing so with a few little add ons shown here.

First, let’s talk about material options. Since these will be used for art projects I would suggest using a home decor weight thicker cotton woven (which is what I used in the tutorial. You could also use a laminated cotton or oilcloth if you need it to be waterproof. I find the home decor cotton holds up well to marker and paints (as in they don’t go through easily to the other side) and it is a fairly inexpensive option as well.

After you have your pattern pieces cut, we are going to make pockets. I made one big pocket by just cutting 2 pieces of the fabric in a pocket shape and stitching right sides together, then clip corners and turn, top stitch along the top getting your opening closed. and attaching to the front of the art smock by sewing around the sides and bottom. I also did a long rectangle pocket for holding a couple brushes in. For this pocket I just folded under the 3 sides and sewed to the front and then sewed a line down the middle of the pocket to divide it for 2 brushes.

Now sew your shoulder seams attaching the backs to the front, open up your seams and we will be attaching bias tape to the armholes. I prefer the sandwich method here as it is an art smock, and if you are using a laminated or oilcloth fabric sandwich method will be your friend!

Once that is done we are going to attach bias tape to the sides and around the neckline. If you are using oilcloth or laminated fabric you will also want to attach it along the bottom, So I hope you have a lot of bias tape!

Since I used home decor weight, I simply folded and hemmed the bottom of the art smock.

Now attach a snap (or button if you prefer) for keeping the smock closed. I always choose snaps because buttons get tangled in her hair so very easily.

Easy peasy and ready to art! Now I cannot wait for summer to happen so I can make Lucy as a crop top for the kids!


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Child’s Amsterdam Coat Facing Tutorial

About to try the Child’s Amsterdam Coat? If you haven’t put facings on a coat before, this step can be a little tricky. Here’s a coat facing tutorial with a few tips to help you imagine how it goes together…

Number 1

1. Imagine these are your fabric pieces… Lay them in front of you with right sides facing up.

Number 2

2. These red stars show where the seams are. Put the pieces right sides together with raw edges aligned and pin at these points.

Number 3
3. Now you will have something which looks like this… (wrong sides marked by blue lines)

Number 4
4. Next, continue pinning along the simple straight edges, but stop an inch or so before the curve.

Number 5
5. Find and mark the mid-point of the curve on your lining and facing.

Number 6

6. Match these raw edges at your mid-point mark.

Number 7

7. Now you’re left with just those pesky couple of inches either side of that mark. Yes it will be a bit of a pain, but with a wriggle, stretch and a bit of ease it WILL work. Take those areas really slowly when sewing. Stop, with needle down, to lift presser foot and reposition fabrics as much as you need to.

Continue in this same way around the whole of the lining and the facing. Find those seams, match them right sides together with raw edges aligned. Pin all the ‘easy’ bits and leave the awkward curves until last. Good luck!

PS if you haven’t got the pattern yet, it’s still on sale until 11 May 2016! You can get the child’s version (newborn to 12 years), the ladies version (XXS to 5XL) or both as a bundle on special.

Vicky-Trevithick-Childs-2-3-yrs-17  Vicky-Trevithick-Childs-2-3-yrs-07  Vicky-Trevithick-Childs-2-3-yrs-13

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Adult and Children’s Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Have someone with a cool weather birthday that you need a present for? Infinity scarves are perfect! They’re quick, easy, and super cute too! Of course you can always do some selfish sewing and make one for yourself instead. In this Infinity Scarf Tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make one in either a child or adult size.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

I had to bribe my child with snacks to keep her scarf on, but it does look oh so adorable when it stays put. Hopefully you’ll have better luck!

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

You can use pretty much any kind of fabric for infinity scarves. I used a sweater knit from Sincerely Rylee on one side of my child scarf and a floral jersey rayon blend from Girl Charlee on the other side. For an adult version I used flannel on one side and fleece on the other.

One thing to note is that if you may want to adjust your measurements slightly if using a thinner or thicker fabric. Go a bit narrower and longer if using a super thick combo and a bit wider and shorter if using really thin, drapey fabric.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

So let’s get started!


You can either follow the tutorial directly on the blog below… or download the full tutorial in PDF format by going here


What You Need:

Adult Size: Two 60″ x 10″ strips of fabric; they can be the same or contrasting (one strip is for the outer, the other strip is for the inside/lining)

Child Size: Two 44″ x 8″ strips of fabric

Matching thread


Infinity Scarf Tutorial

You can either cut your fabric in one piece along the selvedge, or if it is directional, you can cut it along the cut edge and sew two shorter pieces together to get your total length. If you chose the latter, cut out two pieces that equal your total length, plus 3/8″ and lay them together with right sides facing. Sew along the short end with a 3/8″ seam allowance, as shown above, so you end up with one long piece. Do the same for your second piece if needed.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

After you have your two rectangles cut out, lay them together with right sides touching and pin along the top and bottom of the long sides. Sew along both long sides with a 3/8″ seam allowance. Tip: It is a good idea to sew the same direction for both sides in case your fabric walks on you. That way you can just trim the excess of the bottom edge and your fabric won’t be twisted.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Once you have a long tube, press your seams and then fold the tube inside itself, so right sides are touching.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Match up your seams and pin around the opening.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Sew around your opening, leaving 2″-3″ unsewn so you can turn your scarf right side out.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Turn your scarf right side out by pushing it through the opening  you left. The last step is to hand sew or top stitch the opening closed. All set! You now have an infinity scarf!